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Shout and be productive...

Sidharth Bedi Varma | February 03, 2018 17:12 hrs

Guwahati is on overdrive – a pace every metro city should be on. It is encouraging to see so much positivity around the city, whether it is in terms of beautification, volunteer work or public announcements about performance indices, one of which includes Assam ranking 3rd in the Ease of Doing Business rating.

While it is fantastic that Guwahati is getting decked up on a war footing, ready to hit another milestone by hosting Advantage Assam, what should’ve also shaken the city up was a certain murder in the middle of the road last week.

The murder of businessman Shantilal Jain, only a few days after Republic Day, while the city was still preparing for Advantage Assam, throws light on two things: One, how secure is the public really? While lack of CCTVs, better surveillance and efficient policing continues to plague us, how long is the public supposed to sit with hands on their head, waiting for justice? 

The larger concern however was the public ignorance during the murder. The CCTV footage revealed that there were about 5 male bystanders, who rightly lived to the description ‘bystanders’. As Shantilal Jain was assaulted and shot, every single person kept ‘standing by’. Not a peep, no shouting, no hullabaloo about witnessing a murder. 

There should have been echoes of, “Oi dhor taak, murder korise!” That should have effectively made someone grab the assailants on the motorbike and instant justice would have been delivered. However, the sheer ignorance of the public as seen in the CCTV footage is concerning. Do we really care about human lives or it is all just showbaazi? 

Our loud and effective public policing comes more on Valentine’s Day and against public-display-of-affection. 
Only if the public could start shouting a little more productively... 

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