Something isn’t right…

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Something isn’t right…

Swapnil Bharali | September 18, 2018 11:46 hrs

Would you agree with me if I tell you that dear ol’ Guwahati is slowly effusing a sense of discomfort for its residents? Some situations make good examples.

I am a resident of Kharguli and so am coerced into using the Dr Bhupen Hazarika Road for regular commuting. I mean, that’s the only way out of my locality and into the city for me. In the course of getting on with work, I have to traverse through Uzanbazar. Now, this entire area has come under the onslaught of the water supply scheme that the successive governments have been promising Guwahatians but have failed to deliver so far. In the process, our roads that have been dug up to lay pipelines have not been even partially repaired for smooth commuting at least. The localities have been resembling a war zone for months now. And yet, in another part of the city, pavements are being fitted with coloured tiles! I mean, where has the sense of priority gone?

Another case in point: Protesting GVK-EMRI employees against what they term as bad working conditions such that the city has remained bereft of emergency ambulance services thus holding the sick to ransom. The protest is acceptable; it is the failure of the government/administration to resolve the issue that gives one an uneasy feeling. Day after day of this news making front page headlines does give you the feeling that an already inept governance system has somehow also turned insensitive.

And finally there is a distinctly altered sense of self-appraisal with the Assam Police around its newly launched social media handles. Clearly elitist and anglicised, the tweets and posts are indeed good, very creative. But have they delivered the desired results? Have these tweets reached the desired targets of ignorant witch hunters and hearsay-influenced anti-social elements? Have the police changed its inertia to lodge an FIR at the first complaint? Who is going to do an appraisal of that?
Something is distinctly not right in this city and these are only a few instances.

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