Guwahati Unlock Timing: Stretch It By An Hour

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Guwahati Unlock Timing: Stretch It By An Hour

Swapnil Bharali | August 09, 2020 10:43 hrs

The timings of the current Unlock plus the weekend lockdowns have given rise to a new spate of problems for the Guwahatians it seems.

Especially, the latest notification that allows opening of bars (read regular hangouts that Guwahatians had once patronized) has amplified the Guwahatians’ problems of prioritizing their chores; cramming in everything within the tight time-frame of 10 am to 5 pm so as to reach home for the scheduled 6 pm curfew has become a huge task; the bars better remain closed as Guwahatians have no time for them literally.

Chores to be completed within 10 to 5 normally include ‘bozaar’, hair-cuts, LPG cylinder pick up, purchasing medicines, filling up the petrol tanks, paying electricity bills, bank work, buying booze, post office et al and amidst all that most importantly, attending office such that it is to the satisfaction of respective bosses who also perhaps are going through the same rigmarole as any other hard-working Guwahatian. 

Phew! The Guwahatian has never been so spoilt for choice with so much to do between 10 and 5, Monday through Friday. Those passion-filled bar visits are not going to start under these Unlock conditions whether the favourite bars are open or not.

In one word, life under Unlock is pretty ‘tough.’ Easing it up to more practicable levels has become a necessity and this basically depends on the administration and one gets the feeling that shaving off one more hour from the curfew timings in the evening should do the trick. It is quite understandable that the administration is trying its best to continue spreading the message that staying at home is equivalent to staying safe. 

However, being home has its own challenges especially when the Guwahatian has to juggle his time to ensure that he or she is working and at the same time ensuring that there is food on the table every day with a successful ‘bozaar.’ 

A convenient extra hour for ‘bozaar’ up to say, 6.30 pm would go well with the current situation. As it is, most Guwahatians have learnt the art of shopping for the essentials online or over phone. Picking up the stuff from the market without crowding post office hours is what would make a happier Unlock.

A little stretching of the Unlock timings – by one hour - would stand everyone in good stead; hope the administration realises this.

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