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Wednesday, 08 April 2020

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Swapnil Bharali | June 16, 2018 17:20 hrs

Mob mentality: something that is difficult to comprehend in that a large number of individuals come together to think alike and be destructive to the point of being murderous. Yes, the Karbi Anglong lynching is the talking point, of course. Two lethal lynching incidents just 5 years apart in this district has painted a roguish picture of the tribe that dominates it and one wonders what makes them so belligerent towards innocent “outsiders.”


The wider perspective, in understanding such belligerence and the backlashes thereof, would be to question the system of governance currently in prevalence. There seems to be distinct lack of faith in the system that triggers a sense of insecurity coupled with intolerance in India today. Hark back to the days of the Award Wapsis; the whole exercise was a clear manifestation of intolerance and lack of faith in the current system. Add to that were the beef bans and lynching incidents on just the suspicion of eating beef prompting actors Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan to speak out their  minds only to be trolled heavily. And beyond all this is the sudden surge of fake news that seem so real. Yes, the rising intolerance stems somewhere from a system that seems to have gone wrong so much that people no longer have faith in it. Or in the current and modern context, the system might just not be correct and could well be obsolete. Take the case of the protests against the Karbi Anglong lynching and the shrill cries for justice as well. Isn’t that also a clear manifestation of us just not believing any more that delivery of justice is a natural process but something that we have to continually demand for?

The parochial perspective would be a tale of putting the cart before the horse. An economically unsound district with educationally challenged villagers suddenly exposed to the fancies of the latest technology in their palms naturally makes it the perfect recipe for disaster. The outsider who comes from that fancy world as seen on their phones is an object of jealousy while his curiosity of say their waterfalls - an object of familiarity from their backyard – is incomprehensible. And so, perhaps their only source of excitement is mayhem and murder.

Isn’t a system update required?

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