The Cure is in Our Hands

Friday, 25 September 2020



The Cure is in Our Hands

Tinat Atifa Masood | May 19, 2020 15:48 hrs

Along with the virus is spreading the virus of stupidity. And it is not only in India but across the globe. We are anticipating the research results of a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus but there can be absolutely no medicine for stupidity.

After we had banged thalis for our doctors, the very next thing we see is that the doctors and nurses are being discriminated against. Some of them are treated badly in the apartments they stay in, the reason being that they might be the carriers of the virus. There have been several incidents which have put doctors, nurses and caregivers in a quandary; they are asked to vacate the rented homes as they could be posing a viral threat to the house owners.

In several places, doctors have been beaten and manhandled by the police despite being shown identification cards et al. Yet again, the public have chased and stoned doctors out of their areas for reasons only known to them. Young people from the northeast of India have been harassed, daunted with name-calling and also spat at. In certain cities, malls and shopping complexes restricted the entry of people from the northeast despite their fervent plea to let them in and explaining that they are Indians and that they belong to the NE of India.

And while media had only a few updates on the coronavirus, they got the Nizamuddin Markaj story on a palate and from then on, the whole narrative had taken a different turn. The blame game took only a few minutes to escalate and the media used the actions of these returnees to ostracise an entire community who had no inkling of the happenings. The word spread like wildfire to mainstream regions in the country of this being the conspiracy of a particular community which supposedly were deliberately doing this to ‘avenge’ the rest of the people. The repercussions across the country were glaring as vegetable vendors were asked for their identities and then beaten up mercilessly on discovering that they belonged to a particular community. The poor and the hungry were unexpectedly attacked and beaten. They cried but no one from the public came to help. 

In Rajasthan, a young pregnant woman was refused medical help when she went to the hospital with her husband. In the process, her newborn died when she delivered the baby in the ambulance, which was taking her to another hospital.
Hatred has spread its tentacles far and wide and it will be a daunting task for all of us to vaccinate this virus. We will have to deal with the virus of hate for a very long time now. If we don’t handle the situation and nip the virus in the bud, then it will be difficult for anyone to survive.

The stupidity virus of course fails to come to terms with reality that we have a much more bigger task to handle than being communal; that of fighting the virus. And since we are all in this together, we will tide over this problem together. We will have to fight the virus together, flatten the curve and get our country back on its tracks. As citizens of the country, it is our bounden duty to stay united and not get diverted from the main issue of fighting the virus. If we do divert, only we stand to lose in all possible ways.

Let’s not be losers. Let’s be winners and win this war together. Jai Hind.

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