The dearth of leadership

Thursday, 21 January 2021



The dearth of leadership

Sidharth Bedi Varma | March 30, 2019 13:29 hrs

As the elections draw near and the political drama has engulfed the nation, we are once again at the crossroads of “who do we choose?” Most polls are often preceded by the standard questions – who will you vote for? Who is going to lead us for the next 5 years? The agenda and the 5 year goals always take the backseat. You never ask your fellow voter, “Hey buddy, which problem do you think we will eradiate in the next 5 years?” We’ve kind of given in to the fact that every 5 years we have to “settle” - settle for someone leading us in ways they see fit, because we are too occupied firefighting our daily challenges.

While this question would make you feel that we have a long list of leaders who, in a Utopian world would all be over qualified for this job, and all of them would have the best interest for the public, the truth of the matter is that the coveted “chair” is sought after for nothing but selfish interests.

Now “blaming the politician” might sound clichéd and an escapist thing to do, but it’s true. Please note that I do not favour the opposition’s candidate at this point because I feel that he is equally a poor leader. A leader who believes in sops and freebies is never addressing the long term goals and the immediate agenda is only voter appeasement.  
Parties have nominated their leaders who they feel have earned the trust of the janta.

Yes it is true that the janta loves to be appeased; with freebies, or by creating parliamentary drama or by making announcements in the middle of the night. Bhai, just because you dramatized it does not make it a good decision! 
I honestly feel that the 2019 elections and the 5 years that will follow will show the failure of good leadership. No leader in the national or regional space has truly stood out by talking about agenda that need actual attention. Chest beating and sops seem to be the FYP and I truly hope that the voter sees through this and does not just “go with the flow.”

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