The Dehing Patkai Damp Squid


The Dehing Patkai Damp Squid

Swapnil Bharali | May 24, 2020 09:36 hrs

What started off as a matter of great concern for Assamese society that caught the imagination of many towards protecting the fragile ecology of the Dehing Patkai rain forests and thereby starting a massive online campaign turned out to be a damp squib in the end. Clearly, the coal mining activities that had been going on illegally over the last several years to the great benefit of a handful of powerful people with the country losing out on its rightful share of the revenues caught the attention of the current vigilant regime and its attempt to legalize operations did not go down well with the profiteering racket that was stuffing up the moolah for themselves.

The point of concern is the tendency of people who mindlessly joined the massive social campaign on Facebook and other social media without a proper or basic understanding of the issue at hand. Hashtag campaigns like #SaveDehingPatkai, #IamDehingPatkai, #I_Am_Dehing_Patkai, #AmazonOfEast among others were simply swarming all over social media with parents getting their children to pose for photos holding placards with similar messages and sharing these photos by the bulk over WhatsApp.

Well, we need to understand that powerful as social media is these days, it takes no time to make us look like fools as well – that too, in front of the world community. The blind support that we all extended to a well-crafted campaign released by a few persons who had the simple mala fide intention to deprive the government its dues so that an illegal activity could continue for their own greed and selfishness made our whole Assamese society look rather ignorant of the issue at hand. We simply joined the bandwagon giving in to sentiments rather than exercise our rationality to understand the truth of the matter.

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  • Mousumi

    The word "squib" has been misspelt in the headline itself. Kindly issue a corrigendum. Please ignore if already issued. Regards