The deserving loser

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



The deserving loser

Swapnil Bharali | May 25, 2019 15:44 hrs

The smooth and peaceful retention of power – something that makes us all proud to be part of the Indian democracy, the world’s largest – is done and Prime Minister Narendra Modi returns to power even stronger than before. A stronger mandate, bigger numbers. And most importantly, a weak opposition led by the Indian National Congress that has been blasted to smithereens! 

Now the moot point is why did Rahul Gandhi lose? And so badly, at that, that he had to concede Amethi? Was it because he made Rafale the only issue? Or was it because he just cooked up a stupid NYAY scheme at the last minute without the necessary arithmetic that had no takers? He certainly did not have a solution for unemployment and he had no answers to the competitive Hindutva he was faced with. And now to think of it, what was that “Chowkidar Chor Hain” brouhaha all about in the first place?

Surely all of this contributed to the loss. But the most crucial factor is that Rahul Gandhi lacked the vision to face one of the greatest visionaries in the world today. And beyond that he lacked good intentions in whatever he did. The opposition over the last five years has been shoddy, ill-intentioned and simply put, totally dishonest to its duties and responsibilities. The white-washing that the Congress Party faced in 2014 was complacently attributed to the “fluke” of a Modi wave that was perceived to never return. And so, the large number of issues that could have been taken up on the poll plank was never taken up. The promise and implementation of smart cities, the huge economic slowdown, the rising unemployment et al were issues that needed to be addressed by the opposition and none else. Sadly, Rahul Gandhi and his myopic disposition chose to ignore these real issues and today, all I remember of him in the Parliament, is him pulling off that super stunt of hugging the Prime Minister and thereafter slyly winking to some equally myopic colleague of his displaying to the whole world the sheer lack of brains and good intentions that a leader should naturally portray.

It is great to see the mandate that Modi has been given but a democracy is robust and balanced only with a well-heeled opposition. This opposition just deserved to lose!

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