The final ‘Shoe-down’ before the Elections!

Wednesday, 20 January 2021



The final ‘Shoe-down’ before the Elections!

Sidharth Bedi Varma | March 10, 2019 11:03 hrs

Racing to beat the model code of conduct that is going to kick in after the Election Commission announces the general election schedule, the central government is making a last ditch effort to “book its goodwill” for the upcoming elections.

In doing so, the Modi government approved a decision of setting up 50 Kendriya Vidyalayas, ensuring insurance benefits to ex-servicemen, thermal and hydro electric power projects, flood relief programs among several other decisions.

What I fail to understand is that people continue to get excited about these last minute announcements which are made right ahead of the elections. 

To be honest, at the central and state level both, public officials are too busy going at it against each other. I’m sure you’ve seen the video where two lawmakers recently got into an argument and the best way they found to settle the argument was with sandals. Arrey public, wake up! They don’t really care about you! They are too busy arguing over whose name goes on the foundation stone.

The same applies with the pre-election announcements or gimmicks as I would call them. “Yeh BJP ne kiya, ya Congress ne kiya,” that is the question that keeps the MPs and MLAs up at nights. I’m sure you can recall the uproar right before the inauguration of the Bogibeel Bridge – BJP or Congress, Vajpayee or Singh? To them, nothing else matters.

Public health, safety and welfare are secondary. We don’t elect them to make our lives easier, we elect them because apparently, we like entertaining freeloaders.

Tripathi and Singh are two classic examples of the political mockery that is India, at least at the rural level. The “Chachha bidhayak hai humare,” threat is real. This is what the politicians live for; this is what they get a kick out of! And the sooner India and our voters realize it, the better it is for the health of our democracy.

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