The Importance of Being Masked

Sunday, 24 January 2021



The Importance of Being Masked

Swapnil Bharali | August 23, 2020 12:40 hrs

Folks, these are Unlock times, not post-Covid times! The difference is huge and we need to understand this.

It is an irony that the Unlocks are happening when the effects of the pandemic are taking a turn for the worse in Guwahati. To say the absolute least, the daily figures of positive cases and deaths are alarming. And yet, for the sake of the economy, Unlocking is indispensable. 

Without wanting to sound like an alarmist, one thing that is clearly visible among Guwahatians is the lack of tenacity when it comes to continuing with the precautions that have been repeatedly underlined by the government. Yes, we can notice the masks that are mandatorily required to be worn in public either slipping or completely disappearing from the faces of Guwahatians. And this, when the situation, more now than ever before, demands that masks be worn as a social responsibility and not as an imposition. 

Not being masked and thereafter carelessly spitting, sneezing and coughing thereby displaying a totally lackadaisical attitude towards a fellow human being has become a strange activity of the people of the city. “I forgot my mask,” deserves a resounding slap rather than a round of laughter; indeed there is nothing funny about it.

It is high time that people took the situation more seriously. The government has been forced to unlock the economy for the sake of state’s economy, for citizens’ livelihoods. But the Covid is today more menacing than ever before. Showing responsibility and respect to the pandemic is what is required rather than this strange “Baad de... dekha jabo” attitude that puts every individual in close proximity at risk pushing them towards death’s door.

People, please do not let that mask slip. It is dangerous to yourself and to everyone around you. Yes folks, we need to take responsibility for our own deeds!

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