The novelty in the routine

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The novelty in the routine

Sidharth Bedi Varma | May 11, 2019 13:41 hrs

With the onset of the holy month of Ramzaan, you must be waiting for an iftaar invitation or to the grand feast on the 5th-6th, and if my Muslim friends are reading this, you must have already started hearing, “Bhai, tere paas aayenge Eid khane.”

While all that is okay and happens each year, there is something that seems a little disturbing this year. With the BJP set to make losses in terms of winning majority, they seem to have successfully drawn the Hindu-Muslim divide before doing so.

The timings for work for Muslim employees at government offices were revised for Ramadan – they are to arrive 30 minutes before their standard “in-time” and on doing so, would be allowed to leave 30 minutes prior to their “out-time.”

This seems to have earned the government at the centre a lot of credit, despite this rule being put in place several years ago – even before the BJP came to power at the centre and the state.

This news was received with praises such as, “Wow Modi ji,”, “who says BJP is not secular?”, “Thanks Modi ji”, “NaMo again” and several other comments that would make you believe that this has happened only because of PM Modi at the centre.

It is clear that these people had been living under a rock before the advent of Modi. The practice of revising timings for Ramadan has been in effect for several years, but of course, people in general were not so polarized and nor were they observant of such rules because assimilation came naturally to people. These comments are reflective of the fact that the country and its people are taking an extra effort to “assimilate” with Islam/Muslims.

I don’t know if this is can be attributed to the saffron party completely, but they have clearly managed to brainwash people and create sides. We are living in times when such praises are followed by, “Now I will leave for puja and anjali early.”

Troubled times lie ahead.

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