The ‘oldie’ flood on FB

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



The ‘oldie’ flood on FB

Sidharth Bedi Varma | July 20, 2019 12:24 hrs

Hiren: Did you know? There are two floods people are dealing with right now.

Naren: Oh yeah? What are those?

Hiren: Well, the Assam flood is clearly one of them and the second one is the flood of “old people” photos on my social media timeline.

Naren: Ok. Weird observation, but ok!

Hiren: No I’m serious! I can’t seem to open my social feed without being “flooded” by old people photos. Get it?

Naren: Dude, how can you be so insensitive and be making about jokes something so horrible?

Hiren: Bro! Making jokes isn’t going to make it rain heavier. But just fyi, this happens every year and every season. The only thing different this year was that there was some media attention to the situation. Celebrities, influencers and artists are usually caught up in Mumbai floods and hardly get time to “Look East.” As an Axombaxi, I am thankful to everyone who came together in this time of need, even in the smallest way possible.

Naren: Alright. That seems about right. What about the other flood though, the one about old people photos?

Hiren: Oh that is simple. Considering massive floods, earthquakes and other disasters brewing, I am thinking Global Warming isn’t letting millennials to live that long enough.  Maybe they realize that and have developed an app to come to terms with it.

Naren: Man, you really have a morbid sense of humour!

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