The PM’s Magic

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



The PM’s Magic

Swapnil Bharali | April 04, 2020 17:13 hrs

I am truly in awe of our PM. His magnetic personality has some amazing traits and most admirable is his ability to galvanize his countrymen with whatever he wants us to do. At times, he gives sufficient notice – days in fact. 

Sample this: Women's Day social media initiative, we got 5 days to prepare for it. We got 4 days to prepare to bang our utensils. Today, PM gave us 2 days so we can light candles from our balconies this coming Sunday night. Further, he gave us 12 hours’ notice to wake up early enough to watch the video in which he would be ordering us to light candles and burn our phone flashlights. 

But what I like best about our PM is the advance notice he gives us when it comes to life-altering situations: Demonetization: 4 hours! 21-day countrywide lockdown: yes, a massive 4 hours again! Dhyan se sun liya…

And this is not everything about why I like our PM. I like his fans too; they have earned an endearing sobriquet: Bhakts!

Seen their attempts to find logic in the “light candle call”? No? This candle lighting is apparently about activating energy from all the planets to save life on earth. Like 5th April means 5+4 = 9, 9 pm, for 9 minutes. So mathematically, 3 multiplied by 9 = 27 and further 2+7 = 9 which resembles 9 planets. On Sunday, with our candles and flashlights burning, the power of the nine planets will be generated by Navgruha Aradhana which will appease the nine planets to save our lives here on Earth. That Pluto is scientifically no longer a planet is besides the point here!

Yes, I love our PM for his originality, his imagination and I still love to listen to him. What a dramatic drawl he has nowadays! Looking forward to his next address to the nation…

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