The Show Must Go On!

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The Show Must Go On!

Swapnil Bharali | August 30, 2020 13:10 hrs

Blessed with intelligence as opposed to other species that inhabit earth, humans have learnt to become resilient by force rather than choice. 

Given the pandemic and the disruptive situation arising in the country thereof, the big contentious issue today is the resumption of educational activities. While reopening of schools and colleges are yet to be decided upon by the various state governments, the Supreme Court’s verdict of holding the university final year/semester examinations as also the NTA’s decision to hold the NEET and JEE entrance examinations within coming September is a huge step towards normalization and a manifestation of human resilience.

The union education minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal’s statement that over 17 lakh admit cards have been downloaded for the JEE and NEET examinations is indicative enough that Indians want to get on with life and that each year in a student’s life is precious. The minister also mentioned that all safety protocols will be maintained in the examination centres so that examinees can write their papers without being apprehensive. 

In such a situation, anyone continuing to remain sceptical and wanting postponement of examinations is basically doing a great disservice to the resilient nature of human beings; this is nothing but procrastination which has not done any person any good.

All that is required to fend off the Corona infection is basic hygiene maintenance and social distancing. In other day-to-day interactions, humans tend to throw caution to the winds and mix around freely without masks and without having any qualms about spitting around. In such situations, the Corona threat is quickly forgotten. But when it comes to facing up to the hard tasks of life like studying and appearing for examinations, all the threats to life seem to loom large.

The SC verdict needs to be hailed and the NTA’s decision is another great step to take the nation forward. Period!

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