The Surprise Tactic

Thursday, 21 January 2021



The Surprise Tactic

Swapnil Bharali | August 10, 2019 13:38 hrs

To say that it has been a newsy week would be the understatement of the year. While the fate of Jammu & Kashmir has changed forever with one stroke of the President’s pen, in quick succession, the nation has lost one of its tallest leaders – Sushma Swaraj. May her soul rest in eternal peace!

With the J&K overhauling, the perception that has instantly come to the fore is the no-nonsense attitude of the central government led by Narendra Modi and his able home minister, Amit Shah.

Opposition, criticism and the narrative of democratic ideals being compromised stood no chance as, in a shade under two days, the 74-year-old vexed Kashmir issue seemed to have been solved in a manner that no one had envisaged. And today, it hardly looks like there could have been any other “solution” if at all. However, what took everyone in the country by surprise is … well… the surprise tactic of the government itself. The move was stunning to say the least and it caught all and sundry unawares.

Speaking of surprise tactics, Modi and his government excels at it, it seems. Be it demonetisation, the first surgical strike, the Balakot bombings and now Kashmir, the element of surprise has been the key factor of the government in getting its vital agenda going. And while I would venture to add that it would be no surprise to see the next item on the agenda being the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 or the CAB as it is referred to now, Assam might well be taken by surprise one fine morning of the next parliamentary session. Given the numbers that the government commands in both the Houses of Parliament these days, making the CAB a law overnight would be no big deal and all entities who stand against the CAB and seek to demonstrate or agitate against it might do well to be prepared for that fine morning because the government might hardly allow the time for such agitations.

All said and done, the central government may now turn its full focus on the other backward region of the country - the northeast and this includes Assam. We require to be brought at par with the rest of the country in terms of development and growth and we would welcome any surprise tactic for the same.

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