Time to Use Our Common Sense

Sunday, 24 January 2021



Time to Use Our Common Sense

Sidharth Bedi Varma | August 16, 2020 13:45 hrs

As the world comes to terms with dealing with “Unlock” it is important to appreciate the things that kept us going through the COVID times and will do so in the months ahead.

There were big businesses that kept production lines open to deal with the massive supply surge. People kept saying that millions of people lost their jobs, but millions more got to keep their jobs too. This helped feed their families and pay the dues, the bills. Let’s take a second to respect workplaces and teams that made this happen.

While there is a sense of insecurity for small businesses as everyone surviving through the crisis saw their savings taking a hit, it is important that in the times to come, we make a genuine attempt to help our friends, families and other small businesses that are trying to live in the “new normal.”

I can’t recall a time on the internet without memes, but one of these “internet images” just resonated with this thought – write a small review for them, tell your friends and family about the business, follow them on social media, engage with their posts, give them a shout out or sign up for their newsletter. Interestingly enough, none of these costs a penny.

2020 isn’t the worst year. It is a reminder for us humans that many such years shall come in the future if we do not start acting responsibly and taking proper care of our planet. To add to this is the respect we need to show to our own human intellect and work accordingly without taking things for granted. 

Using our intellect (basically our common sense) and being intelligently frugal in our actions will go a long way in ensuring that 2020 does not make a return only to destroy us if we are unnecessarily belligerent!

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