Vigilantism Against the Pandemic

Monday, 18 January 2021



Vigilantism Against the Pandemic

Swapnil Bharali | November 22, 2020 13:19 hrs

To all appearances, the worst of the pandemic in Assam seems to have passed thanks to the very rigid protocols that the government has chosen to tenaciously enforce despite the severe criticism it has faced from many quarters. 


“Testing, tracing and isolating” has been that mantra that has propelled the healthy figures that are updated by the government on a daily basis.

Having said this, the pandemic is far from over and the morbid fear that seems to be gripping everyone I come across now is laxity on the part of citizens. Kamrup (M) has done well in checking the curve and yet the double-digit positives chucked up every day is a steady and grim reminder that it continues to be pandemic times.

To everyone’s chagrin, China itself seems to have doggedly overcome the problem it created for the whole word. Smaller nations that are easier to govern, like New Zealand, Taiwan etc have completely eradicated the pandemic from their soils. But those European countries having citizens with lackadaisical and callous attitudes now seem to be having the second wave hitting them. About the USA, the less said the better.

Clearly, it is all about being tenaciously vigilant and taking the pandemic situation very seriously until we are administered that fateful injection that will supposedly contain the vaccine – whenever that may be in the near or distant future. The government, on its part, can keep on thrusting rules and protocols on us but the keenness to take the matter seriously enough rests entirely on us, the citizens. 

In the coming winter months, which might prove to be conducive to the spread of the coronavirus and its highly erratic behaviour, it is best that the vigilance of the mask and sanitization be adhered to in all sincerity if at all we are to see the last of this pandemic.

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