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Swapnil Bharali | January 05, 2019 12:35 hrs

At the outset of this first editorial of the New Year, let me wish you, all my dear readers on print and our digital channels a very happy 2019. G Plus today has indeed become a digital-first medium and while we do have our readership base of the printed edition, I am thankful to our digital readers and followers for the unabashed love and affection showered on us while at the same time providing us guidance in doing better work through all those affectionate but at times, fierce trolls.


In fact, the trolls are the real charm of running a digital media house; they give us the assurance that our stuff is being read. The world is full of dissent, disagreement but I staunchly believe that dissent gives evolution and advancement its best chance. And so, when a reader is in disagreement with a particular story or opinion of ours, we at G Plus are happy that we are being checked and followed with passion and not just frivolously.


At this juncture of the New Year, I would like to put certain things in perspective with regard to our editorial policy and ideology as I feel this may augur our loyal fan base to understand us better. As a media house, we have always sought to assume the role of a watchdog to the society and the government with the interests of Guwahati at heart – a role that was lying vacant as we started our house 5 years ago. Our job ostensibly is to point out such problems, rectifying which Guwahati would stand a chance of being a better city, a worthier liveable space. To this end, we have successfully taken on both the erstwhile Congress and the current BJP governments while, at the same time, never failed to applaud and bring to focus the good work done by both. With no political inclinations, we can afford to write what we feel from our heart and we do so bravely. This is the bare fact of our reporting ideology and any assumptions to the contrary are nothing but misunderstandings.


And so dear readers, do continue “liking” us and following us and yes, trolling us. Every reaction of yours spurs us to do better.


Finally, may 2019 be your happiest year ever and may each successive year be happier than this!

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