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What Happened To The Funds For Assam floods?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | August 24, 2019 15:44 hrs

The Assam floods, this time around, received a lot of attention. From media and corporate houses to several other individuals, everyone contributed to the cause. This excluding the several thousand celebrities and public figures that circulated the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund’s donation link around, made it seem like the awareness about Assam floods was pretty substantial. At one point the news spread like wildfire (not remark about the Amazon forest fire).

As a few colleagues and I were discussing about the Assam floods, an important question that needs an answer is how have the funds been disbursed for the rehabilitation of those affected by floods. Will there be financial support or is the government going to build houses or if this will be limited to distribution of food grains? It is also important to note that it is not just about rehabilitation of human lives but also of the flora and fauna affected across national parks in the state. 

Second, the Assam government must give due credit to every individual and corporate who supported the drive and should have released a statement about what they have raised as compared to what they intended to. It should not be limited to tweets and PR coverage only. This helps establish if there are gaps that need filling. 

The point is that it is the right time that the government must release a document clarifying to the public about the amount raised and their action plan which includes the source of the funds, lest they want an RTI being filed.

Also, this is not the only year that the CM Relief Fund has seen donations. Year after year the Assam floods receive massive donations and each year the government has remained aloof to talking about how they have spent it. This question needs a more concrete answer and the government must not shy away from it.

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