When Friendly Banters Turn Controversial


When Friendly Banters Turn Controversial

Nehal Jain | February 06, 2021 16:14 hrs

What was essentially a friendly banter that could have taken place in one of their drawing rooms somehow slipped out onto the massive stage of the Prag Cine Awards before a vociferous crowd and thereafter the crudeness of the conversation was picked up by the social media to equally vociferous trolls. 

Now c’mon, there’s a time and a place for everything. And for the umpteenth occasion, the heartthrob of Assam got it all wrong.

Yes, I’m referring to the Zubeen Garg – Nishita Goswami controversy that’s been the talk of the town since the past one week. 

These two artists are among the biggest names in the Assamese film industry and their banter on stage leaves no room for doubt that they’re close friends. If this friendly conversation was among by their likes, Zubeen’s remark on Nishita’s backside would have perhaps attracted no offense.  But, such a leg-pull on the stage of an award show attended by hundreds of people found Zubeen Garg flirting with yet another massive controversy. 

While Zubeen was referring to a particular scene from a movie that had his hit number ‘Mon Jai’ in which the two had worked together, his comments left Nishita totally embarrassed in front of the huge gathering.

This is the perfect instance of the difference and dangers of a drawing-room conversation happening on a public platform and the repercussions it can have. 

The alleged sexually explicit remark drew harsh criticism from many quarters. After all, Nishita is a respected name in the film industry and besides that she also happens to be a wife, daughter in law, and mother. Being at the receiving end of a sexually-explicit joke is not something her family can digest. 

While Guwahati police has initiated an inquiry into the matter, it is with an earnest prayer that we urge Zubeen to be more discreet in future.  

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