When Rocket Man got ‘Trumped’

Saturday, 24 October 2020



When Rocket Man got ‘Trumped’

Riddhiman Borooah | May 09, 2018 12:40 hrs

All was hunky dory when the North Korean Leader Kim Jung-un aka ‘Rocket Man’ met with his southern counterpart Moon Jae-in in the dreaded demilitarized zone of Korea (DMZ). The DMZ created after the Korean War is a sign of hostility and long term violence between the two nations fuelled by the presence of the US.  One of Donald Trump’s many achievements includes brokering peace in the Korean peninsula but, has anyone given him credit for the same? Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has gone on to say that the US was not involved in anyway. The real question to be asked here is - has the US ever been not involved in the matters of Korea?

When Kim Jung-un announced that all nuclear weapon development programs would be stopped in his country, it almost seemed like a dream too good to be true for the world. But the real icing on the cake was when the two leaders met on 27th April 2018, shaking hands and exchanging smiles. What really goes behind that wide smile of Jung-un really determines the fate of the world. Why would a dictator who has spent most of his life following his family’s footsteps of being a spoke in the wheel at every step for the US, give up everything that actually makes DPRK a threat to reckon with? What secret negotiations have taken place that made the impossible happen? Has the US given up world peace in order to fulfil its own agenda or has it made a stride towards a safer world?

All the answers we seek are mere possibilities and probabilities and one can’t be sure of the real thing until Trump meets Kim later on in May, possibly in Singapore. One such dreadful outcome in case things go south could be that US removes its troops from South Korea along with all the heavy sanctions which could lead to the rise of North Korea in a way no one imagined. As the closest US ally, Japan present there didn’t even know when a missile flew over their country. So who would keep track of North Korea’s activities? As it can be seen, with such heavy sanctions on the DPRK from the United Nations (UN) and mainly from the US, Kim still manages to get on the nerves of the US president; this shows the real fear that Uncle Sam of the world is afraid of.

On the other hand, the bait in this matter is the South Koreans. Trump has played his cards quite properly and it could just be possible that all the childish banter on Twitter between Jung-un and Trump were really a part of a bigger plan - global peace. Obviously with Assad’s regime on shaky grounds, a possible Korean re-unification would lead to the world’s attention back to the Middle East, a place where the US has miserably failed. It’s almost a fairytale run for Trump’s administration with ISIS quiet, Syria bombed left, right and centre and DPRK on a leash. Some would even suggest the best feat a US president has ever achieved, considering the fact that the US economy is quite strong at the moment.

Has the US been credited enough for the recent developments? Definitely not, with all the media pointing to foul play at work and the US gambling global security for personal achievements, it could also work out the way it seems; Korean Peninsula denuclearised and re-unified, no more nuclear weapon programs, a safe Korea with a possibly booming economy without any sanctions. A win-win situation for all, or is it a catch-22 situation? Only time will tell what price the world will have to pay for peace.

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