Womens’ Safety

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Womens’ Safety

Hrishikesh Sarma | December 29, 2018 12:13 hrs

Women – an eminent power in the Indian society.

Women play an important role in society today. As we all know, India is reckoned as one country in the world for its great tradition and culture where women are accorded high respect. Women in Indian society are given the status of ‘Goddess Lakshmi.’

Indian women are found working in all fields like politics, banking, school, sports, defence, business and many more. In every sector women today are shining bright.

Our county India is also known as ‘Bharat Mata’, which means it is a country where a mother is considered Goddess. But this term is being misused by our people today; the word is just used for showing off. Women today are harassed so badly that often it is beyond our imagination. Being witness to the crimes perpetrated against women in India such as rape, acid attacks etc the safety of our women comes into doubt.

Safety of women matters a lot whether at home, outside the home and at the work place. Crimes against women, especially rape cases, are stories that are filled with fear and dread. Because of such crimes, safety of women in India has become a doubtful topic. Crime rates in New Delhi have increased a lot. We are indeed very shameful that a place which is supposed to be the capital of our country where safety of women should be of paramount importance has such a high crime rate.

Despite India being a powerful nation and a virtual world leader being the largest democracy in the world, backwardness of women is also very obvious in the Indian society because of the social issues, problems and huge restriction against women. Women in Indian society generally face problems of discrimination, high percentage of illiteracy, female infanticide and foeticide, dowry system etc. Taking birth as a girl in the Indian society is often regarded as a curse. Women in India face a lot of social issues and problems all through their lives making life itself a massive struggle for them.

Every day and every minute, women of all walks of life (be she a mother, a sister, a wife, a young girl and or a baby) are getting harassed, molested, assaulted and violated at various places all over the country. Streets, public spaces, public transport, etc have become territories of woman hunters. Girl students studying in the schools or colleges have to shield themselves with their books and bags while they have to wear clothes that cover them completely. In some cases, a girl child is sold off by her parents to shed off a “burden” and earn some money in the process. Girls have faced acid attacks on the streets and have been kidnapped for purposes of sexual gratification by strangers. According to statistics, it is found that a woman is raped in India every 20 minutes. Women constitute almost half the population of the country which make them equal participants in the growth and development of India. We are living in the 21st century, an advanced era. However shamefully, safety of women in India remains an unfulfilled dream.

In some place of Assam like Tihu, Baksa, Karbi Anglong, Dima Hasao and Kokrajhar extremist groups are more in number. In these places women and girls are not safe at all. They are being kidnapped and the terrorist groups demand a huge amount of money as ransom. It is indeed a pathetic state of affairs.

Some tips regarding women safety:

  • They should be careful while communicating with someone on internet and this includes social media on cyberspace.
  • They must have all the emergency phone numbers with them.
  • Self defence techniques are the first and foremost things to which each and every girl as well as woman must be initiated to; they should get proper self-defence training.

A number of laws have been passed by our government for the safety of women but we the people should change our mindset towards them. Only then women can be much safer in our country. Instead of blaming the government it is the responsibility of each and every Indian citizen, especially man, who needs to change his mindset and attitude towards women.

At the same time, our government should lay paramount importance on women safety and introduce some severe punishments against culprits.

Presently our BJP government has given great importance regarding this matter. It has come up with advertisements and slogans like Beti Bachao Beti Parhao etc. Also there are many new some schemes for them. But raising slogans is not enough; there needs to be a marked change in attitude.

Respect women, respect nature and only then we can expect respect for India from the world thereby making our country truly independent in every field and proving it as the best country in the world.

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  • Sudeep

    Under these critical circumstances the only two ways left out for almost every women is first education second self defense They must have these two which makes them equal to man,they can overcome all