Yet Another Friday

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Yet Another Friday

Nehal Jain | September 19, 2020 17:44 hrs

Six months since the first COVID-19 case was detected in India, that’s all we have been reading and hearing about ever since. As also reporting on, if you ask me!

It’s yet another Friday and yet another edition of G Plus is going for print. As we dwell on ideas to put pen to paper, the one topic that continues to take centre stage is COVID-19. The narrative, however, changes. So does the perceived notion around it. 

What started as a topic of immense importance has now become just another happening around us. It seems that the “seriousness” around COVID-19 keeps fading away each passing day just like other “now less significant” topics of economic crisis, GDP downfall, environmental degradation, and unemployment.

For us Indians somehow, Bollywood continues to prevail as the undisputed topical champion when it comes to being the “most important topic of discussion” of the Prime Time debate on national television.

PS: Did you know that the government of India has no ready data on the death of migrant labourers or the death of COVID doctors? I’m guessing not.

But what you’d definitely know about is that “Queen” Kangana Ranaut just called Urmila Matondkar a “soft porn star.” 

As India continues to unlock, more and more people can be seen on the streets. It’s as if they have forgotten that COVID-19 continues to lurk, or maybe people just don’t care anymore. Either way, it’s vital to remember the importance of wearing a mask (covering the mouth and nose, not the neck) and using sanitizer (the one we casually carry in some inner compartment of our bags).

Also, on the side note (because that’s where the topic lies – on the side), schools across India are set to reopen from September 21 and we can only expect the situation to get worse. 

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