"I accidentally killed her”: Govind Singhal on the murder of 20 y/o Sweta Agarwal

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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‘Accidental killing’: Govind Singhal confesses to murder of Sweta Agarwal

G Plus News | December 06, 2017 16:15 hrs

Commissioner of Police, Hiren Nath addressing the media on the Sweta Agarwal murder case on Wednesday said, "Govind has confessed of accidentally killing Sweta."

According to the confession and preliminary evidence, Sweta Agarwal and Govind Singhal were in a relationship since February 2016. While Sweta was a very bright student and excelled in studies, the boy failed in his exam and thus came differences in their relationship.

Reportedly, the accused, Govind Singhal, was planning to shift to Siliguri with his family. The two had been fighting over what would happen to their relationship after he shifted to a new city.

On Monday, after her exam, Sweta was picked up by Govind and he brought her to his residence. They both got into a quarrel and Sweta was pushed against the wall and she started bleeding from her head. Scared, Govind packed the body in a gunny bag and tried to dispose it off by dumping it in the garbage field near Dhirenpara. However, since the body was bleeding heavily, he brought her back to his house and burnt it after pouring petrol. Later, Govind's sister and mother arrived, who witnessed the crime and the mother called Sweta’s parents to inform that their daughter had committed suicide.

All three have been taken into five day police custody. Police has recovered the bike which Govind used to carry the body. Police has also found blood stains on the bike. Police further said the statements of the trio – Govind, his mother and his sister – are not matching.

Interrogation is currently underway to find out the involvement of the sister and mother. Police will file a charge-sheet shortly.


G Plus Photo | Hiren Nath addressing the media Press Conference


Students of KC Das Commerce College at a Procession demanding justice for Sweta Agarwal

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