100 ft tall Durga idol to be demolished if safety certificates not secured


100 ft tall Durga idol to be demolished if safety certificates not secured

Rahul Chand | September 22, 2017 13:53 hrs

The 100 feet tall bamboo idol of Goddess Durga at the Bishnupur Puja will be demolished if safety certificates are not secured before recreating it. The idol collapsed due to a storm on 17th September last. A source in District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) talking to G Plus said, “There are teams formed which will be inspecting the structures of various puja idols in the city and if they do not furnish the safety certificates from various departments, the structures will be demolished.” Specifically discussing about the Bishnupur Puja idol, the source said that the team has not yet inspected the structure which is being reconstructed by the Bishnupur Puja Committee but they have to produce all the required safety certificates failing which the structure will be demolished.     

Meanwhile Biren Sarkar, marketing head of Bishnupur Sarvajanani Durga Puja Committee said that the district administration has ordered for safety certificates just two days back (on Wednesday) and so they are trying to procure all the required certificates and are hopeful that the new structure will adhere to all the safety norms. He said, “They should have asked for the certificates earlier.” 

The storm on 17th September was powerful enough to claim many lives across the state. On being asked why the committee was again taking such a risk, he said, “The structure is almost complete and it is going to be a pride for the city and the state.” He further said that this time there is no basement and the foundation of the bamboo idol is stronger, the height according to him should cross 95 feet this time and around 5500 bamboos will be used in total. He said that he is aware of the DDMA notice but the committee is trying to acquire all the certificates. 

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