5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Birla Emporiums For Your Next Job Application

Friday, 06 December 2019


5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Birla Emporiums For Your Next Job Application

G Plus Feature | August 05, 2019 11:36 hrs

With Guwahati becoming a fast-paced city, there are numerous opportunities coming up for budding job aspirants. The city is becoming a professional hub and several companies have come down and set up their enterprise here. 

One such company is Birla Emporiums Pvt. Ltd. which is a global enterprise that has diverse projects and functions in the field of tailoring, embroidery, handloom, handicraft, marketing, retailing, manufacturing, e-commerce, construction, finance and banking, covering businesses in a 360 degree model. 

The enterprise deals with all kind of goods and services that a person needs for his comfort and survival at the tip of their fingers. The items start from salt to heavy vehicles, traditional to modern and simple technology are also available in the enterprise in the digital medium, where anyone can order from his or her smart-phone, laptop and tablet from the comfort of their home and get them easily by opting for free home delivery service from the company.

The company is currently in the process of setting up their business in Assam and are looking to fill several positions, including that of a Manager, Assistant Manager, Marketing Executive, Management Trainee, Photographer, Tele Caller, Video & Image Editor and Security Guard. 

Now, since there is so much out there for people to choose from, here are a few reasons why you must choose Birla Emporiums as your next employer:

1.    The company, started by Yumnam Irabanta Singh, is a unique ecosystem where every hardworking, honest and sincere employee works together in unison for the betterment of the customer bringing transformation through business in any part of the world where the company is located.

2.    Birla Emporiums focuses more on wealth maximisation, rather than profit maximisation and takes the responsibility of grooming and developing all elements in the market which are connected to them in the business. 

3.    The company is ethical and compassionate. In addition to earning profits, they also have charity and philanthropic sections which take care and boost passionate human resources in the environment where they operate.

4.    They are ambitious- they hope to create a business market where everyone can get anything from any part of the globe and anyone is able to sell their products worldwide. 

5.    The company is youth-centric and welcomes voices from different backgrounds to lead and manage their teams. Their current team, in the different departments are all highly educated and well-experienced and they also have many youths in their employment in departments such as Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Research & Design, Delivery and Customer Care.

Employers Note: Candidates will be required to sign a 6-month bond with the employer if selected.


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  • Debarjun

    How do I submit my resume to Birla Emporiums ?? Kindly share a link where I can update my resume or contact them for further details. Please reply to my queries. As I'm interested in the openings.