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944 Vacant Posts in Guwahati Police, Over 50% Cases Remain Unsolved

Nehal Jain | March 10, 2019 12:53 hrs

A total of 944 posts in both armed and unarmed branches in the Guwahati Police Commissionerate currently remain vacant. While 100 of these posts are in armed branch stream, the remaining 844 are in unarmed branch stream. Due to this lack of manpower, over 50% of cases have remained unsolved from 2018.

In the armed branch, three posts of sub-inspector, one of havildar, three of naik, 78 of constables, two of armourer, seven of bugler, and two of d/constable remain vacant as on January 1, 2019. 

In an unarmed branch, four posts of inspector, 50 of sub inspector, three of assistant sub inspector, 28 of head constable, one of naik, 22 of lance naik and 736 of constables remain vacant. Additionally, there are four vacancies in the posts of fourth-grade staff.

Among the total vacancies, however, only nine positions belong to women. 

Guwahati, in 2018, witnessed an increase in the number of cases registered pertaining to various crimes. While the city police saw the registration of over 16,892 cases in 2018, it was able to dispose off merely 8,138 cases until October 2018, which makes for a mere 48.17% of the cases that were solved. However, it is to be mentioned that a large number of cases among these 8,138 had been registered in the previous years. 

Out of the total cases disposed, 7,858 cases were cognizable and 280 non-cognizable (including three cases under arms act, two under explosives act and one under NDPS act). Among the cognizable crimes, most disposed off cases were those of theft (2,558), followed by burglary (679) and cheating (376). Further, the police disposed off 18 cases of murder and 14 cases of rape.

According to the data provided by the police commissionerate, the police was also able to file charge sheet for 2,923 cases as compared to 3,586 in the year 2017. Yet, over 50% cases remained unsolved. 

11,046 posts in Assam Police vacant

Similarly, a total of 11,046 posts in the Assam Police remain vacant, this was revealed in a statement issued by the state government. Among them, 4,139 vacant posts are in unarmed branch stream and 6,907 posts in armed branch stream.

In unarmed branch stream, four posts of additional director general of police, nine posts of inspector general of police, 13 posts of superintendent of police, six posts of additional superintendent of police, 147 posts of deputy superintendent of police, 154 posts of inspector, 803 posts of sub-inspector, 261 posts of assistant sub-inspector, 262 posts of head constable, 86 posts of naik and 2,394 posts of constables remain vacant as on February 7, 2019.

In armed branch stream, 26 posts of the inspector, 29 posts of sub-inspector, 25 posts of assistant sub-inspector, 1,103 posts of havildar, 545 posts of naik, 4,217 posts of constables and 962 posts of fourth-grade staff remain vacant.

The state recorded 1,274 cases of murder, 1,909 cases of rape, 7,651 cases of kidnapping, 155 cases of dacoity, 1,369 cases of robbery, 1,404 cases of extortion, 4,580 cases of burglary, 15,669 cases of theft, 1,098 cases of rioting, 2,214 criminal breach of trust cases, 5,848 cases of cheating and 92 cases of counterfeit during 2018.

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