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A Guwahatian's Transformation from Jubaraaj to Janvi

Nibir Deka | October 06, 2020 18:57 hrs

Janvi Borkakoty is a modern-day Assamese woman from Guwahati currently working in Delhi. She is currently working with a London-based global IT consulting company in Gurgaon with 10 years of work experience in Europe. 

However, the journey from Guwahati to Delhi via Europe has not been a conventional one. Janvi was born as Jubaraaj and studied in Don Bosco School in Guwahati. She completed her under graduation from Gauhati University. Although she was born as a boy, she always identified herself as a girl. 

G Plus spoke to Janvi, who revealed her transformation journey.  "The change has been a gradual one – a journey of 10 years. But in the last 3-4 years, it has intensified," said Janvi.  

Janvi has cherished her roots in Guwahati even though she has not maintained her connection with the city. "My family is renowned in the area. As such, I don't like unnecessary attention as a lot of people are focused on me." 

Janvi maintained that all her transformation had been outside the city. 

“My work experience in Europe gave me the determination and mental power to change my identity and live with the truth,” said Janvi. In that period, she had undergone changes such as breast implants, which has made her transform into a girl.

Her family's response has been crucial in her life. G Plus spoke to her mother Biju Borkakoty, who has come to terms with her child's journey after initial hesitation. "Our family now has accepted her and feels proud of the journey," said Biju. 

In a way to celebrate her transformation, Janvi did a photoshoot which was celebrated by the entire family, added the mother.

It should be mentioned that Janvi had undergone breast implants but she has not yet undergone a sex-change operation. The family has been skeptical of the operation due to its implications. Yet Janvi is clear about her sexual identity. “Few might even call me a transgender as I was born as a boy but I associate myself as a girl," cleared Janvi. 

On the issue of gender identity, she emphasised the need to be self-independent and reliant. She emphasised, "It is important to earn and be financially independent. After that, you can make your choices. If you make any such choices from your parent's money, then obviously people will comment or say something against you."

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