Advantage Assam Got Investment Response Worth Rs 65K Crores, Claims Patowary

Saturday, 19 September 2020


Advantage Assam Got Investment Response Worth Rs 65K Crores, Claims Patowary

G Plus News | July 04, 2020 15:42 hrs

Industries & commerce minister of Assam, Chandra Mohan Patowary, during a press conference, claimed that the state government has received a number of responses from investors who had attended the investors’ summit, Advantage Assam in 2018 and the responses for such investments are worth Rs 65,000 crores.  

The minister, in the backdrop of the press conference organised to ease the controversy created after an ordinance by the state cabinet was announced for MSMEs which would require a just self-declaration to set up industries, was questioned how much investment the state has received post Advantage Assam which was organised in February, 2018.

The minister, answering the question, initially made tall claims about Advantage Assam being the first of its kind organised in Assam where 25 countries participated and 279 memorandums of understanding were signed that were worth a total of Rs 79,000 crores. 

He said, “We have received responses on investment worth Rs 65,000 crores.”

Thereafter, snubbing all other queries that sought the details of such investment responses, the minister sounded like his homework on the issue was not thorough enough and said, “I will address another press conference next week to answer all your questions on the response details.”

Interestingly, as soon as the investors’ summit was over in 2018, formation of a body “Invest Assam” was announced which was expected to follow up on the investments promised by investors during Advantage Assam. Sources in Dispur informed that the body never functioned properly let alone the fact that the office bearers of the body were mostly not even finalised.

A senior official of industry and commerce, when asked about the status of Invest Assam, said, “It will soon start functioning.”

Earlier many activists had slammed the government for organising Advantage Assam as for many it turned out to be just a mela. It’s been two years and the government keeps saying that the investments are in the pipeline or there are responses from the investors but none of the investments are final yet leave alone having materialized.

The next press conference as promised by the minister is eagerly awaited just to see if the government has indeed derived anything fruitful in the industrial developmental sector by organising Advantage Assam.     

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