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Friday, 26 February 2021


Ahead of Assam Election Sonowal Pushes Hard to Salvage 'Jatiya Nayak’ Image

G Plus News | November 02, 2020 15:41 hrs

That there are two power centres in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Assam is an open secret and as the elections near the one-upmanship game is getting more intense.

The Sonowal camp is moving first on this and pushing hard to regain the chief minister's image of the 'Jatiya Nayak'. 

According to political experts, the image is said to have got marred in the eyes of the indigenous population of Assam due to Sonowal's stance on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). 

“We will be projecting Sonowal on his known plank of `Jatiya Nayak’. Under his leadership, all the important positions of bureaucracy and administration and all the top posts were occupied by Assamese people. Starting from former DGP Kuladhar Saikia to present DGP Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta, former chief secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna to present chief secretary Jishnu Barua, all have been appointed during Sonowal's regime,” said a close confidant of the Sonowal camp. 

In fact, when Sonowal led the campaign to dislodge the 15 year old Congress government in 2014, illegal immigration was one of the most important issues on the basis of which the BJP alliance stormed to power. 

Four years down the line, with Sonowal still at the helm of the affairs, he is nothing but a shadow of his old self as many feel that the issues of illegal immigration and the interests of the greater Assamese society were put on the cold storage.   

“We are working on the fine print and very soon we will project his achievements in every possible medium of information. What Sonowal specifically has done in the last four years for the Assamese people of the state will be shown,” the source added.

Professor Monirul Hussain, who has authored a book on the Assam Movement, has said that as the polls approach Chief Minister Sonowal has to do a lot of fire fighting to keep his position intact.

“Other than opposition leaders Sonowal has to deal with the rival in his own party. He will not be able to match the rhetoric of Himanta Biswa Sarma who is his competitor when it comes to the claim for the top post. Sarma handles three important ministries and is seen everywhere. Somewhere, somehow Sonowal has to find a formula to remain at the top and revivung his image as 'Jatiya Nayak' could be one way to claim back the lost glory,” Hussain told G Plus.

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