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Sunday, 28 February 2021


Assam: Former Tennis Champion Kalyan Das Among 40 Recipients of Sports Pension for 2020-21

G Plus News | August 15, 2020 19:07 hrs

GUWAHATI: On the eve of 74th Independence Day, the Assam government announced names of 40 deserving sportspersons of the states for regular sports pension of the year 2020-21. 

They will be receiving Rs. 8000 per month as pension. 

40 more sportspersons will be given a one-time ex-gratia financial assistance of Rs. 50,000. All the sportspersons will be awarded silver Plague.

Amongst the deserving sports pensioners is International Tennis Organiser and National Level Tennis player, Kalyan Kumar Das. 

He is a former state champion of the Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB). Recipient of various Lawn Tennis titles of the state, Kalyan Das is a trained coach from the International Tennis Federation (ITF). He has also participated in a workshop conducted by the International Olympic Committee in Pune.

Notably, Kalyan Das is the son of late sports veteran Pulin Das, who was also the first recipient of this pension. Das is currently serving as the president of the Guwahati Lawn Tennis Association.

Speaking to G Plus, Kalyan Das said, “I am really grateful to the state government for recognising my contribution to this sport for the last 55 years. I would like to say that I am always ready to serve for the development of sports in the region and to contribute however possible.”

Apart from Kalyan Das, the other recipients for this year's pension are –

1.Bhupendra Nath Roy – State Level Football Player
2.Lakshi Kanta Das - State Level Football Player
3.Anu Ram Roy – National Level Kabbadi Player
4.Jahar Lal Paul - National Level Football Player
5.Irshad Ali Barbhuiya - National Level Swimming & Cycling Player
6.Biraj Kr Ojha – International Level Technical Official and National Level Athlete
7.Manik Dutta - National Level Arbiter (Chess Umpire)
8.Powal Chandra Changmai - State Level Sports Organiser
9.Khirod Dihingia - National Level Football Player & State Level Volleyball Player
10.Khireswar Gogoi - National Level Football Player
11.Sashindra Lal Bhuyan - National Level Sports Organiser & Football Referee
12.Pulin Sharma – National Level Cricket Player  and Selector
13.Ajit Das – National Level Athlete
14.Ratul Baruah – State Level Taekwondo Player & Sports Organiser
15.Lakhshmi Nath Phukan- National Level Cricket Player
16.Amal Kanti Paul- National Level Football Player
17.Ashit Kumar Das - National Level Football Player
18.Bipul Sarma – International Badminton Player
19.Abdur Robb - National Level Cricket Player
20.Molong Ao - National Level Football Player
21.Sarat Chandra Kalita – National level Volleyball Referee & Coach
22.Gautam Hazarika – International Cricket Player
23.Birendra Kumar Singha - National Level Football Player
24.Anup Kumar Choudhury – International & National Lawn Bowl Player  & National Level Sports Organiser
25.Michael Brahma - National Level Football Player
26.Bacharam Baruah - State Level Football Player & Sports Organiser
27.Chandra Kumar Nath - State Level Sports Organiser
28.Bogiram Konwar - National Level Football Player 

29.Pranab Kumar Bora - National Level Hockey Player& State Level Athlete
30.Kamal Chandra Nath - State Level Football Player & Sports Organiser
31.Paresh Ch. Sarma - State Level Sports Organiser
32.Triken Das - State Level Sports Organiser & Football Referee
33.Rup Kamal Kakati – National Level Sports Organiser
34.Mahendra Nath Sarma - National Level Football Player
35.Bhabananda Chetia - National Level Hockey &Football Player
36.Sashi Dhar Duarah – District Level Athlete
37.Dharmeshwar Daimari - National Level Hockey Player& State Level Volleyball Player
38.Dilip Kumar Baruah - National Level Football Player
39.Wilson Daimari - National Level Football Player

The other 40 recipients of the one-time ex-gratia pension are – 

1.Sripad Chaudhury - State Level Sports Organiser
2.Tarun Kr Chaudhury – National Level Athlete
3.Mridul Dutta Tamuli – National Level Volleyball Player & Coach
4.Tarun Mili – State level football & Athlete Player
5.Tarun Deka Baruah - National Level Football Player
6.Jatin Borah - National Level Football Player
7.Danuja Daman Rajkhowa – National level Bodubuilder & Sports Organiser
8.Nabin Ch Daimary – National Level Weighlifter
9.Annada Daimary, W/O Lt. Hemendra Nath Bhakat – National Level Sports Organiser
10.Iswar Prasad Borthakur – National Level Table Tennis Player & Sports Organiser
11.Jhoola Sharma – National Level Lawn Tennis Player
12.Moslehuddin Ahmed – National Level Sports Organiser
13.Ganesh Paul – National Level Volleyball Player
14.Md. Aftab Hussain - National Level Sports Organiser &Referee
15.Amba Saikia Patgiri - National Level Volleyball Player
16.Jadu Gogoi – National Level Handball Player & Football Referee
17.Kanju Mohan Ghosh - National Level Volleyball & Football Player
18.Ratan Kumar Dutta - National Level Football Player
19.Chinmoy Sarma – International Athletic Technical Official
20.Pijush Kanti Dhar – District Level Cricket Player
21.Krishna Kanta Basumatary – National Level Athlete
22.Aloke Gogoi - State Level Cricket Player & Sports Organiser
23.Paramananda Boruah - State Level Cricket Player & Sports Organiser
24.Ananta Dutta – District Level Football Player
25.Khagen Borah - State Level Football Player
26.Arun Borah - State Level Cricket Sports Organiser
27.Purna Saikia - State Level Football Player & Sports Organiser
28.Pankaj Kumar Saikia - State Level Football Player & National Level  Sports Organiser
29.Subhash Ch. Debnath – National Level Kabbadi, Kho Kho Referee, State Level Sports Organiser
30.Bajendra Nath Sarma – State Level Volleyball Referee
31.Dilip Kumar Sarma – National Level Volleyball Player & Coach
32.Prasanta Ramaswamy –State Level Volleyball Player
33.Rana Khan - National Level  Sports Organiser
34.Ananda Boruah – National Level Athlete
35.Tapan Dutta – State Level Football Referee
36.Ranjana Hazarika - National Level Volleyball Player
37.Jayanta Gogoi - National Level Athlete
38.Jayanta Phukan - National Level Football Player
39.Swarna Daimari - National Level Football Player
40.Arabinda Das - National Level Volleyball Referee & Sports Organiser

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