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Assam Government has Failed to contain Illegal Liquor Business: G Plus Poll

Chetan Bhattarai | March 10, 2019 11:42 hrs

The hooch tragedy of Golaghat punched holes over the state administration's claim of a corruption-free government.

POLL | Do you think the Sarbananda Sonowal government has failed to curb corruption in Assam?

Votes: 900

YES: 59% 

NO: 41%

Assam Government has Failed to contain Illegal Liquor Business

The hooch tragedy in Golaghat led to the death of over 160 people. It was widely reported in the media across the world and there was uproar in the state that the government had failed. The incident took the state government by surprise.

Soon arrests were made and the ‘lali gur’ (molasses used for preparing the liquor) was banned in the state. Accusations were made against the Sarbananda Sonowal government of not being able to check the illegal liquor trade that led to so many deaths. Also, the government was held responsible for letting corrupt officials turn a blind eye to this illegal business for the sake of giving licenses and providing protection to dubious entities. 

In order to assess the mood of its readers G Plus organized a poll on its social media channels where it asked its readers whether the Sarbananda Sonowal government has failed to curb corruption in the state that led to the tragedy.

The G Plus poll received over 900 votes where a majority 59% respondents opined that the state government has failed to contain corruption. Around 41% of the poll respondents felt that the government has been able to fight and control corruption in the state. 

The majority 59% respondents blamed the government for being not strict enough on the illegal liquor mafia. There was also a lack of strict control by the excise department and police on these illegal liquor outlets, felt these respondents. The respondents also believed that there was some kind of syndicate going on in the state and the government was not doing enough to control such activities. There were strong reactions from respondents who wanted the excise minister and top officials to be sacked immediately.

The 41% respondents who felt that the government was able to put reins on corruption cited that controlling corruption was an ongoing process and needed more time. Overall, they opined that the immediate action by the state government should be to stop all kinds of illegal production and selling of such dangerous liquor. Many felt that such incidents could be avoided if the government speeded up its drive to promote and legalise indigenous liquor.

The poll findings also showed that the people were unhappy with the role of the excise department and accused the department of allowing the preparation of country liquor in the guise of extracting revenue. The respondents were against any kind of liquor that did not pass stringent quality tests and demanded that an immediate ban be put in place for country liquor till safety standards were put in place. 

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