Assam Govt Turns Blind Eye to Residents of Amar Path at Noonmati


Assam Govt Turns Blind Eye to Residents of Amar Path at Noonmati

Chayanika Das | February 08, 2020 15:00 hrs

•    Residents of Amar Path off Dr Bhupen Hazarika Path at Noonmati have filed multiple complaints to the people concerned

•    GMC dodged complaint filed by residents of Amar Path in 2017

•    Residents claimed that they have been living without basic necessities since 1995 

•    Several accidents have taken place on Amar Path

•    Locals appeal to the government to fix the road at the earliest

•    Additional Commissioner of GMC reacts to the complaint filed

A major road (earlier Bolo Bora path) connecting Uzanbazar to Noonmati via Kharguli was renamed after music maestro Late Dr Bhupen Hazarika in 2017.  While the road has got proper recognition and is currently undergoing major repairs after a fair portion of the same lay dug up for a prolonged period due to the laying of the water supply pipelines, the residents of a small area in Noonmati have multiple complaints to make. 

“Even after filing multiple complaints, GMC (Guwahati Municipal Corporation) is not doing anything to fix our roads,” said a resident of Amar Path that is off Dr Bhupen Hazarika Path.

Residents lack proper drainage, water supply, roads and safety. Residents claimed that they have filed multiple complaints to the government but no one has done anything to fix their roads. 
Accidents on by-lanes of Dr Bhupen Hazarika Path 

The road which stretches from Kharguli to Noonmati falls under ward 22 (B) of GMC. Residents staying in one of the by-lanes of Dr Bhupen Hazarika Path said that they have been living in poor conditions since 1995. People risk their lives to perform their day-to-day activities. Several accidents have also take place due to poor condition of the roads. With pebbles and mud all over the lanes, it gets difficult for people to commute during the rainy season. Locals also mentioned that for their own convenience, they invested and got the road fixed to a certain extent.

“We stay in one corner of Amar Path. Many people have injured themselves here. In fact, I tripped a few days ago and hurt myself,” a resident of Amar Path, Dr Rupa Deka Pator who has been residing there since 1995 told G Plus.

“We have raised the concern several times in front of officials but no one has paid heed to it. We are tax payers but we are not getting any facilities,” she added.

No streetlights and water

Other major concerns of the residents are water supply and streetlights. All they are asking for from the government are basic amenities which they are clearly not being provided with. “There is no water in our area. We use water from the wells. During the winters the wells dry up and we are bound to buy water since it is something we cannot live without,” Dr Pator said.

“They are working on making Guwahati an A-grade city but villages seem to have better facilities than we do,” she added.

She also mentioned that several accidents have taken place on the road and a few have even lost their lives.

No response to complaints filed by residents

One of the residents of Amar Path, a by-lane off Dr Bhupen Hazarika Path, had provided G Plus with a copy of their complaint to the MLA of Dispur Constituency, Atul Bora dated 20-02-2017. The complained was signed by Sri Pulin Kumar Sharma, Secretary of Gopal Nagar Unnayan Samity and the residents of Amar Path.

In the complaint, the people of “Amar by-lane which falls in Gopalnagar area (70m length and 5.5m breadth) appeal to the government to fix the Amar Path lane.” They also mentioned that they will be really grateful if the people concerned fix the road at the earliest.

In another letter, the residents of Amar Path had appealed for the same to the MLA of Dispur Constituency and signed it. They had written that three years ago the MLA had promised them better facilities like roads, streetlights and water supply but not even a single change has been brought ever since. 

“There are a total of 22 houses on Amar Path. On 20-02-2017, we had written to the MLA of Dispur Constituency, Atul Bora concerning the road but no one took any action. We went to him again and he had promised to get the road fixed but it is 2020 now and we are still facing the same problems we did three years ago,” said Dilip Sharma, a resident of Amar Path.

“Everyday someone or the other gets hurt in this lane either while going to school or while going to get groceries. My scooty has skidded so many times in this lane,” he added.

GMC Commissioner’s response

In a telephonic conversation with the Additional Commissioner of GMC, Dwijen Singh, he stated that he needs to enquire on the complaint filed for him to take further steps.

“Without verification I cannot say anything. I need to go through the issue first,” said Singh.

He provided a WhatsApp control number (8811007000) for people to file their complaints along with their respective mobile numbers.

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