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Sunday, 24 January 2021


Assam: Loss of Gogoi Will be a Massive Void to Fill for Congress

G Plus News | November 23, 2020 20:16 hrs

The loss of octogenarian Tarun Gogoi to the Congress Party, especially in Assam, will be immeasurable and a void that will take a long time to fill up. 

As he breathed his last, mourners cutting across party lines expressed their anguish. Starting from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to former PM Manmohan Singh, all in one voice paid tribute to a person who rose from a very modest background to occupy the Chief Minister’s post for three consecutive terms. 

For the current Congress folks in the state, Tarun Gogoi was an indomitable spirit when the party’s fortunes were dwindling. Surely, it will have a tsunami effect on the confidence of party workers and state leaders who always looked up to Gogoi to get the Congress back in power in Assam.

Gogoi, who developed as an astute politician under the guidance of Late Indira Gandhi, took a step away from national politics, where his stars were rising, to come back to state politics, to hold a fort of Congress in Assam.

From then onwards there was no looking back for him, as he remained etched to the rhythm of state politics. Under his tutelage leaders like Himanta Biswa Sarma flourished. By many counts, Gogoi as a statesman leaves behind a mark that is unblemished – a rarity in Indian politics.  

For Assam, after Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi, Tarun Gogoi might as well be put in the same league in the coming times. The outpouring of grief across Assam and India shows what a true politician he was, as he lived his words. 

Expressing her heartfelt condolences at Gogoi’s demise, Bobeeta Sharma said, “When Tarun Gogoi became the Chief Minister, Assam was in a state of insurgency and economic bankruptcy. He took over the responsibilities with the motto of ‘development first, peace will follow’. The people of Assam will always remember his contributions.”

“He was our senior-most leader. On his demise, it feels that we have lost a guardian's hand that was guiding us. He was a fighter. I and the others had persuaded him to keep away from gatherings during the Covid situation. But he had always felt responsible towards the state and would stand for its development, irrespective of age and situation,” she added.

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