Assam Police Plays Good Samaritans during Lockdown: Distributes Ration, Food to the Destitute

Assam Police Plays Good Samaritans during Lockdown: Distributes Ration, Food to the Destitute

Nehal Jain | April 04, 2020 17:23 hrs

Moved by the plight of the destitute people and stray animals during the nation-wide lockdown, Assam Police has been providing them with shelter and food on their own initiative.

Amidst the nationwide lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the Assam Police has taken up various initiatives to help the poor and needy people of the state by means of serving ration, cooked food and medicines. While the police have been enforcing the lockdown using its iron hand, they truly have been empathizing with a golden heart.

With the enforcement of the 21-day long lockdown, many people were left stranded both inside and outside the state of Assam. In a noble initiative, Assam Police decided to help these people by all means possible. 

Distributing dry rations and vegetables amongst the vulnerable families affected by the lockdown, helping private organizations, NGOs and individuals in distributing cooked meals, ensuring the well-being of abandoned animals by feeding them, providing shelter to the homeless and medicine to the elderly are some of the steps taken by the police personnel of the state.

“During the days of lockdown, we are trying to reiterate our pledge to continue serving the nation and its people with unflinching commitment. Many individuals, NGOs, restaurants, apartments, private organizations and individuals have come forward to help us serve the needy during these difficult times and we are really thankful for their support. Assam police shall continue to serve its people,” expressed Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, Director General of Police, Assam, speaking to G Plus.

He added that a helpline number has been issued via which thousands of complaints have been received of people stranded outside the state, homeless people without food, medicine shortage in villages, etc and thus IH Borah of Special Branch has been assigned as nodal officer to  tackle the situation and help people.

Assam Police had released a set of helpline numbers on March 29, 2020 in order to extend help to all the people of Assam state, who are stuck in emergencies within Assam or outside. 

On April 1 (Day 7 of lockdown and Assam police’s relief drive), the police personnel distributed essentials and food to needy families in various parts of Guwahati in association with: Samahar Natya Gosthee and Padatik Nari Samaj in Bhootnath, Scouts and Guides, Signature Estate Welfare Association and Sadhumargi Organisation at Lichubagan, Royal Global Group at Children’s Home NGO and along with Scouts and Guides and Signature Estate Welfare at Bamunimaidan.

Similar distribution drives have been conducted across the state to help the needy in the time of lockdown due to coronavirus.

Food packets have been distributed to stranded truck drivers in Basistha area, Guwahati railway station, as well as attendees at GMCH. 

Additionally, dry ration has been distributed in villages near Bongaigaon, Dhemaji, Barpeta, Jorhat and other parts of the state. 

In a unique initiative, Hojai Police facilitated door-to-door delivery of vegetables in all seven police station areas with public-private model.

In another appreciable initiative, an old woman (Mariom Nesa) found on March 30, 2020 by Bijni PS was reunited with her son Rabiul Islam at a village in Sontoli area under Boko PS. Islam informed the police that she had been missing for over a year.

Speaking to G Plus about the efforts of Assam police in helping the poor, nodal officer IH Borah said, "Police is not only enforcing lockdown by working round the clock but is also helping the citizens. We are delivering ration and food to people at their doorstep. Medicine is also being delivered at doorstep to old aged people. The cops will continue to work tirelessly to help the needy.”

Assam Police has also been taking efforts to ensure the well-being of abandoned animals. Police personnel, along with IHRO and other NGOs have been feeding dogs and cattle in various parts of Guwahati.

“Many individuals and NGOs such as The Paw Foundation and Youth for Humanity have come forward to help the stray animals. They have been generous in providing the animals with one time meal. Pedigree has also provided food packets for dogs to the police and we are feeding the same to the stray animals,” informed nodal officer IH Borah.
He added that the police have not received fund or ration from the state government yet. The relief drives are being conducted with the help of the citizens of the state who have come forward to help the needy survive the coronavirus outbreak by staying healthy. 

Additionally, police officers are also helping the poor in their own personal capacity. 

“Police personnel have personally visited many households to deliver food and medicine to people who contacted us for help. In many circumstances, we have also paid from our own pockets to help those in need,” he said. 

Such initiatives by the Assam police have been widely applauded by the people. 

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