Brahmaputra Pushkaram Festival Returns After 12 Years, Guwahatians In Dissent

Tuesday, 11 August 2020


Brahmaputra Pushkaram Festival Returns After 12 Years, Guwahatians In Dissent

G Plus News | September 07, 2019 13:46 hrs

The government of Assam is planning to celebrate ‘Brahmaputra Pushkaram,’ a 12-day mega river festival from November 5 until November 16, 2019.
This will be the second biggest river festival to be celebrated in the state ever after Namami Brahmaputra. 

According to reports, the mela will be held on the ghats of Brahmaputra starting from Bharalumukh to the Fancy Bazar area. 

50,000 sadhus and monks from out of the state are expected to participate in the mela and the government is expecting a footfall of 2-3 lakh people who will take part in the festivities.

Brahmaputra Pushkaram is a festival of rivers and it pertains to the 12 important rivers in India, namely Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Chambal, Kaveri, Beas, Tapti, Godavari, Chenab, Krishna and Saraswati. 

This festival occurs once every 12 years for each river. Earlier, Brahmaputra Pushkaram was held in 2007.

It is believed that Pushkarudu, also known as Pushkar God, who is powerful enough to make any river holy, will travel with Jupiter during this time, as Jupiter travels from one zodiac sign to another.

While a festival is always good fun and brings people together, the people of Guwahati did not take kindly to the idea of the 12-day celebration. 

On the various social media platforms of G Plus, Guwahatians have vehemently expressed their dissent of the idea with some citizens comparing it to the last year’s disastrous Namami Brahmaputra festival and also stating that this money can be better utilized to address various issues in the city including roads, develop flash flood prevention techniques, drainage problems etc.

“When most people are condemning this extravaganza of spending and wastage, then why go for it? Nobody but the government alone wants a version 2.0 of Namami Brahmaputra. Kindly use public money for better things that will help resolve burning problems. We need good roads, scientific drains, solutions to water crisis, more job opportunities and world class healthcare facility in Assam. For God's sake, stop tampering with our rivers and other assets of nature for personal gains of a few. NRC failed, Namami Brahmaputra flopped big time and now what??? Please learn your lessons well,” said Rimi Phukan, a native of Guwahati. 

Others along the same tangent stated that this is only a gimmick by the government to divert the public’s interest in these times of crisis. 

“The best divergence politics played by BJP ever. Always divert the prime issues from common people. They know how to make people fools by these kinds of stupid events. Till now they haven’t even shared the outcome of Namami Brahmaputra. The fault is of our common people who are easily manipulated and get emotionally bound by this kind of diverted politics. Grow up people and raise your voice against these kinds of agenda,” said Parag Choudhury, another citizen of Guwahati. 

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