Changing Guwahati, one building at a time – Meet the young and dynamic Architects of Guwahati

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Changing Guwahati, one building at a time – Meet the young and dynamic Architects of Guwahati

G Plus Feature | February 03, 2018 16:21 hrs

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Guwahati’s fast developing skyline tells us that architects have long sought to communicate their craft through their buildings. Architecture as a science tells us that there is more to space than just cementing building blocks together. 

The profession of architects was once-enviable, but now clients question as to what they can bring to the table beyond four sturdy walls and a roof.

In this quest, we feature some of the most young and dynamic architects from Guwahati who, in their prime, are working their way one-building-at-a-time, to make our ‘space for living’ more exciting.

“Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves” – Julia Morgan 

Mamta Bagree:  Architect & Interior: Designer Mamta Bagree graduated from Smt. Manorama Bai Mundle Department of Architecture, Nagpur in 2008. After working with names like Christopher Charles Benninger & Kanvinde Rai Choudhury, she began her independent practice in Guwahati along with her husband Architect Sumeet Bagree and established the firm Avant Garde Architects in Guwahati in 2010.

She has led various projects varying from institutions (govt. & private), residences (bungalows, apartments & villas) and corporate and residential interiors. Some of her prestigious projects include Police Academy (Dergaon), Police Stations across Assam (MOITRI scheme), Library Building (Assam Rifles, Shillong) and various other residences in and around Guwahati.

Aditya Sharma: A graduate from Guwahati College of Architecture, Aditya is the founder of AAD (Aditya Architects+Designers). After completing his undergraduate studies, he trained and worked as an architect with Lotus, one of the leading architectural practices in India. In the course of his career, he has worked in the northeast, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata among other cities.
Aditya has worked on several commercial, institutional, hospitality, interior and residential projects for a variety of public and private clients throughout Guwahati and northeast. A few of the successfully handed over projects include the bungalow of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Vidyanchal Academy, Nalbari, Studio Segments, Guwahati, Gold’s Gym, Tinsukia, Live Studio-PRAG News, Guwahati, Eco Resort, Itanagar among others.


Bidisha Das: A student of St. Josephs’s Covent in Tezpur, Bidisha received her B Arch (2008) from Piloo Modi College of Architecture in Cuttack. Bidisha is the co-founder of Studio Korner Stone in Guwahati. She has over 10 years of experience with reputed firms across Guwahati and Delhi-NCR and has worked on several prestigious projects with clientele varying from government organisations to private enterprises. 

Her firm is now heading architecture, interior and landscaping work for several residential and office complexes across Guwahati. 

Vidushi Singh: A B Arch from Guwahati College of Architecture in 2011, Vidushi interned with Abhikram, Ahmedabad, a firm specialising in preservation, conservation and restoration of heritage sites in India. She acquired experience in Guwahati and India as part of design teams on various projects before pursuing Masters in Landscape Architecture at University of Sheffield, United Kingdom in 2015.
Vidushi has worked on diverse projects that range from private residences, restoration projects to community buildings and offices & interiors. She worked on the new façade design of the iconic The Assam Tribune building with Planning Consortium – a leading architectural firm in Guwahati and conducted access audits of various government buildings and Gauhati University for Accessible India Campaign with Sishu Sarothi.

Anuj Bhajanka: With a B Arch degree from Guwahati College of Architecture in 2011, Anuj is the Principal Architect of Bhajanka Associates. He is also a Project Management Consultant and a Midcap Real Estate Developer. With about 8 years of experience the industry, Anuj is presently working on projects across the northeast and Guwahati, some of which include Achyut Nest at Radhanagar, GS Tower in Chatribari, restoration work of the People store in Bhangagarh, Nexa showrooms/workshops across northeast, Mahindra showroom/workshop in Nagaon and Ajmal Nursing Institute in Hojai among several others. With almost 50 ongoing projects, his work ranges from residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and also bungalow Interiors.


Sukanya Das: A Bachelor of Architecture from PMCA Cuttack in 2013, post graduate in Urban Planning and Development (2016) and a second post graduate degree in Environment and Sustainable Development (2017), Sukanya is working in Rajkhowas Aarchi as an Architect and Urban Planner since 2013. She has also been a Member of the editorial board for IIA - Assam Chapter since 2015. With over 4 years of experience, she has worked for the BIS Office - Guwahati, Gandhi Ashram – Sualkuchi and Hotel Prism – Jorhat. 
Currently, Sukanya is working as the Project Architect under Rajkhowas Aarchi for the development of Umananda Temple, Guwahati and Gandhi Udyan, Hengrabari.

Aditya Garodia: Aditya received his B Arch degree from the Malviya National Institute of Technology in 2011. He is the founding partner of ‘727 Architects’, Guwahati. He has been active since 2013 and has worked in several projects which include commercial buildings such as office interiors for MIPL (Manjushree Innovations Pvt. Ltd.) and Maa Silk Emporium, Fancy Bazar among others.
He has various other residential (interior/architecture) projects to his credit. He is currently working on the office interiors for AIWTD Society, Ulubari, and renovation of the Pragati Manor Hotel, Guwahati and Cygnett by Trendz at Itanagar.

Indesh Kumar Agarwal: Indesh pursued B Arch from MNIT, Jaipur in 2005. Before he established his architectural firm Simplex Architectures in 2008, he worked with Banka & Associates in Guwahati in 2005 for about 3 years. 
Indesh has completed more than 150 projects and around 100 other projects are currently under construction. Some of his major completed projects include Shine Heaven (Associate Architect), Spring Dale International School, Aditya Tower, Golden Woods Halt etc. Some of his projects under construction include Shine Sansar (1,100 flats), Piya Exotica (250 flats), Uttarayan Ville (350 flats), ABG International School, Guwahati Metro Hospital, Shanti Valley among others.

Akash Vishal Das: Akash received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Priyadarshini College of Engineering & Architecture, Nagpur. He has worked as a consultant on various architectural projects that include commercial buildings, spa & resorts, hotels and school projects. Akash pursued a professional career in architecture in Mumbai since 2001 with Ar KD Makhijani, Ar Narendra Mehta and Ar R Laxmi Narayan.

He went on to establish AVD Associates in 2005 where he is the principal architect. His projects in Guwahati include the Maruti showroom for Poddar Car World, Khanapara, Royal Regency at Bamunimaidam among others. Some of his other projects include Delhi Public School, Itanagar, Nalanda Higher School, Nalbari and a resort at Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh. 

Nikhil Pasari: A graduate from Guwahati College of Architecture (2011), Nikhil has worked in Delhi on a few bungalows and residential interiors. In 2015, he started his firm under Nikhil Pasari Design Studio (NPDS). He has the experience of working on private residences/bungalows, commercial establishments, corporate offices and residential and commercial interiors. He has projects currently underway in Guwahati, Siliguri, Rajasthan and Delhi.


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