Chinese Product Ban Dream Of Saffron Brigade Shattered

Chinese Product Ban Dream Of Saffron Brigade Shattered

G Plus News | October 19, 2019 15:21 hrs

Guwahati markets flooded with Chinese products ahead of Diwali and this year there is no drive against them

As soon as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) formed the government in Assam, there was a sudden outcry in Guwahati against Chinese products. Even the administration was seen carrying out various drives against illegally procured Chinese products in the city. But it seems that the dream of the saffron brigade lies shattered today and Chinese products are more visible than ever before in the markets of Guwahati. 

“This year there is no drive against illegal Chinese products may be because the Centre has not ordered the state government, and may be because the saffron brigade has forgotten their dream of banning the sale of Chinese products in India,” said a BJP member under condition of anonymity. 

Sources in the administration revealed that this time they have not yet received any order to carry out drives against Chinese products in Fancy Bazar and other markets of Guwahati. 

In 2017, prior to Diwali, after failing to bar the sale of Chinese products, Bajrang Dal had claimed that it will definitely ban the sale of Chinese products in 2018 but that never happened. Talking to G Plus then, Bajrang Dal Guwahati Zila Sonjujak had said, “The sale of Chinese products is less this year (2017) and next year we will completely ban it.” He then said that the body had submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner and the administration had assured them that illegal Chinese products will not be allowed to be sold in Guwahati markets.

The shopkeepers’ line of thought is that while the administration and organisations like Bajrang Dal had asked the shopkeepers not to sell Chinese products in 2017, why are they not stopping the dealers from bringing the products from places like Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai? 

A wholesale dealer said, “There is no option other than Chinese products.” He said that all the electronic items are mostly made in 
China and they don’t have any other option but to purchase them. He said that it was nothing but a political campaign and unless India starts manufacturing these products people will have to keep purchasing Chinese products.     

So the Chinese product ban dream of the saffron brigade looks like it has been shattered. 

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