'Chori' (theft) city’s top crime of 2018, 26% increase reported

'Chori' (theft) city’s top crime of 2018, 26% increase reported

Nehal Jain | January 19, 2019 18:32 hrs

Theft has been topping the list of crimes happening in Guwahati every year, indicates the statistics provided by the Crime Branch. According to data, the city recorded 3,807 cases of theft from January 1 - November 30 in the past year out of the total of 16,892 cases of crimes reported during this period. This shows an increase of over 780 theft cases (25.64%) as against 2016. In 2017, a total of 3,742 cases of theft were registered with the city police. 

The data indicates that at least 10 cases of theft were recorded daily in 2018. However, police had been able to crack merely 2,558 cases of robbery until October 2018, some of which were registered in the previous years.

Guwahati, in 2018, witnessed an overall increase in the number of cases registered pertaining to other crimes as well. The city police registered a total of 16,892 cases from January 1 - November 30 in the past year, an increase by close to 1,000 reported crimes compared to the previous year.

In the past year, multiple cases of thefts surfaced in media reports. From automobile to electronics and medicines to drugs, thieves stole whatever they could get their hands on. 

2018 specifically witnessed an increase in mobile theft cases, most of which remained untouched. Hundreds of mobile theft cases get reported in police stations across Guwahati every month but not even 5 percent of such cases are investigated by the police, a highly placed source in the city police informed G Plus.

Mobile theft cases are hardly touched by police officers. Only if the mobile phone of a VIP is lost, some investigation happens,” he said.

There are new technologies which police is equipped with to track the mobile phone with the help of the international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number, but the police source revealed that the lost and found ratio of mobile phones in Guwahati continues to be worrisome.

There have also been an increasing number of cases where two-wheelers parked on the roads have been lifted by miscreants. Residents blame it on the lack of intervention by the police as well as unavailability of streetlights on the road. 

“The entire stretch from the approach of the Lamb Road up to Latasil playground is in total darkness in the evening. The surroundings of Jorpukhuri are infested by anti-social elements taking advantage of the darkness. Streetlights don’t work in the area and the police have failed miserably in recovering the vehicles,” a resident of the area told G Plus.

“Police cannot keep an eye on each and every local staying in this area. Taking advantage of the dark, miscreants take to stealing two-wheelers. There has been no inaction on our part. We still have thieves in our jail but after being released, the miscreants again resort to stealing,” a senior official said, negating the idea of lackadaisical attitude on the part of police.

Dispur PS records highest number of theft cases 
The crime rate in Dispur has remained alarmingly high over the past few years.  Among other crimes, theft has been found to be most prevalent in Dispur area of the city with the Dispur police station recording the highest number of theft crimes every year. A whopping 784 cases of theft were reported at Dispur, out of the total of 3,807 thefts reported across the city from January 1 - November 30.

The year began with a sensational incident that occurred on the night of January 17, wherein mobile phones and cash worth lakhs were stolen from a mobile showroom located at Ganeshguri. The theft was conducted after the miscreants disconnected the CCTV connection of the showroom. 

In a daylight robbery that took place in Dispur area last month, unidentified miscreants looted Rs 5 lakhs from a Scorpio parked near Christian Basti. The owner of the Scorpio had kept the amount inside the vehicle and had gone for shopping.

The owner had withdrawn the money from a bank, informed sources. In the absence of the owner of the car, miscreants broke the window glass of the car and looted the amount.

It is to be noted that Dispur recorded the highest number of theft in the previous years as well, with a total of 836 cases in 2017 and 641 cases in 2016 being registered at the Dispur police station. 

Dispur police station had also been successful in cracking 647 cases of theft in 10 months, from January 1 to October 31, 2018. The city police had been successful in filing the final report for over 8,138 crimes of all sorts in the past year, 2,558 of which were cases of theft. 

Jalukbari and Paltan Bazaar areas too recorded a large number of theft cases in 2018, with 422 and 362 cases being registered in the respective police stations. 
On the other hand, Pragjyotishpur police station recorded the least number of theft cases in 2018, with merely 20 incidents being reported from the area. Pragjyotishpur was followed by Satgaon and Khetri police stations which recorded 24 and 32 cases respectively. 

To curb with the increasing number of theft cases and to ease the process of filing complaints with the police, Assam police had launched the online complaint registering facility through Crime & Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) portal. Among the services available on the portal is Lost and Found property module that enables citizens to submit the lost and found of property items to the police.

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