Confusion continues over ‘acid-like attack,’ police still clueless

Confusion continues over ‘acid-like attack,’ police still clueless

G Plus News | June 08, 2019 16:03 hrs

GUWAHATI: Though the Commissioner of Police Deepak Kumar had claimed that the substance used in a supposed “acid attack” on a woman in Fatasil Ambari area on 1st June was not acid by itself but a “gum-like substance,” the city police have failed to solve such cases in Guwahati. 

A source in Fatasil Ambari police station, talking to G Plus said, “The gum-like substance has been sent to the forensic department. After we receive the report it will be confirmed what exactly the substance is.” This statement begs the question that if the police are yet not aware what the substance was how could the city police chief claim that it was not acid? 

“Someone threw acid on me. But luckily that didn’t harm me much. A small part of my leg was burnt,” said the victim of the acid-like attack in Bhaskar Nagar under Fatasil Ambari police station. 

Similar incidents are also being reported from other parts of the city and the police are still unaware about the whereabouts of the miscreants involved in such crimes. 

A student of Gauhati University faced a similar attack in the Sonapur area under Guwahati Police Commissionerate.  The student, talking to G Plus said, “I was coming out from a bank in Sonapur Bazar after withdrawing Rs 60,000. Around three people followed me and suddenly something started burning on my back.” The girl felt that someone had thrown something on her back. She started screaming and as people gathered the miscreants fled from the spot. 

The girl was taken to a doctor who said that it was some harmful chemical which was used to attack the girl. 

It needs to be mentioned that since many years now the Irani gang members have been operating in Guwahati. The gang goes to the extent of throwing human excreta on the clothes of people coming out from banks. In the diversion of the victim trying to clean up, the gang snatches the money or other belongings and flee from the spot. 

These groups don't belong here. They come from places like Cooch Behar, Bihar and Silguri, carry out their crime and flee the city. Last year G Plus had reported that around 35 members of the Irani gang had entered Assam and their main target was Guwahati. 

The officer-in-charge of Fatasil Ambari police station expressed that the acid-like attack on the lady at Bhaskar Nagar does not look like it was carried out by the Irani gang as her mobile phone and other belongings were not snatched but the police are also exploring the Irani gang angle and investigating accordingly. The local police have picked up four persons and are now investigating all angles. 

Commissioner of Police, Deepak Kumar, said that till now they do not have any idea about what exactly the substance is and who the miscreants are but a thorough investigation is ongoing which will soon solve the issue. But so far, the police have not been able to solve the case. 

The crime chart also reveals that the law and order situation is deteriorating in Guwahati. Over 17,000 cases were registered in the city in 2018 and the number is only increasing from previous years. 

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