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Saturday, 16 January 2021


Coronavirus: Amidst Lockdown Indians Stock up on Condoms,Sex Toys; Massive Sales Witnessed

Chayanika Das | March 28, 2020 15:38 hrs

•    PM announces 21-day lockdown from March 24 midnight

•    Post announcement, people rushed to the stores to stock up on essentials

•    Indians also rushed to the pharmacies to stock up on condoms and contraceptives

•    Sale of condoms, contraceptives and sex toys witness surge in sales

•    World’s largest porn site, Pornhub offers free premium content

•    Site traffic increases by 11.6%

•    WHO releases mental health guide to cope with stress during the times of COVID-19

In order to check the spread of Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24, declared a nationwide lockdown for 21 days from midnight of the same day. Immediately after the PM’s announcement, people rushed to the stores to stock up on essentials. While many purchased rice, wheat, pulses, vegetable and hygiene products, many rushed to the pharmacies to stock up on not just medicines and masks but condoms and contraceptives as well.
People are getting a chance to save the world by just sitting at home and doing nothing. So they have taken the challenge up responsibly. With the normal hectic schedules, one never got enough time to spend with their significant other but now people are making the most of the lockdown. Sources at a leading e-commerce site stated that sales of condoms and contraceptives have jumped online, said reports.

Sale of condoms, sex toys increase as India goes into a 21-day lockdown 

Before the lockdown, several companies had offered their employees the option of working from home. It is since then that the sales started to boom. Other occasions when these sectors would see a surge is during Valentine’s Day, Pride month, Women’s day and other festivals. India witnessed a sudden increase in the sale of condoms since the past 10 days. According to a report in The Hindustan Times, in the past week, many retailers have seen sales surge by nearly 25%-50%. Reports also suggest that sale of sex toys have equally increased since the outbreak hit India. 

Among the Tier 2 cities, Lucknow has topped the chart with the most queries and products bought followed by Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

World’s largest porn sites offer free premium content

It has also been reported that one of the largest porn sites in the world, Pornhub revealed that their worldwide traffic to the site increased by 11.6%. The website has roughly 120 million visitors on a regular day but now almost 134 million people are getting their fix on a daily basis. The website also offered free premium content for Italy, France and Spain which usually costs USD 9.9 a month and offers ad-free HD videos. 

It saw above-average increases of 57%, 38.2% and 61.3%, respectively for these countries. They even came up with a new section titled Covid-19 content, where people have sex wearing face masks.

"Since this is a situation that continues to impact us all, we've decided to play our part in encouraging everyone to stay home and are launching Free Premium worldwide until April 23," Pornhub said in a blog post on March 24.

India goes into a lockdown to combat spread of COVID-19

India has gone into a complete lockdown since midnight of March 24 to combat the spread of COVID-19. "In order to protect the country, and each of its citizens, from midnight tonight, a full ban is being imposed on people from stepping out of their homes. All the States in the country, all the Union Territories, each district, each municipality, each village, each locality is being put under lockdown," the PM said while addressing the country on March 23.

How to cope with stress in times of COVID-19

After the PM announced the 21-day lockdown, people immediately started panicking. A long period of isolation is indeed very important for India at this stage but it has been acknowledged that it could have a detrimental impact on mental health.
On March 12, World Health Organization had released a mental health guide where they had listed ways to cope with stress in times of Coronavirus.

“This time of crisis is generating stress in the population. These mental health considerations were developed by the WHO’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Use as messages targeting different groups to support for mental and psychosocial well-being during COVID-19 outbreak,” read the statement.

Psychiatrist Hiranya Kr. Goswami told G Plus that everyone needs to adhere to the instructions put forward by the government to fight this disease. He said that this is not the time to panic but to unite and be there for each other. 

“We are counseling everyone who is coming to us whether they have symptoms of Corona or not. Earlier today, six people had come thinking they have the virus. We talked to them and calmed them down and once they stopped panicking, we sent them home,” said Goswami.

“There is no need to panic. We are at a stage where we cannot afford to even step out of our houses to save ourselves and many others. All we need to do is listen to the government and experts and do as they say,” he added.

The government on March 23 ordered states to “strictly enforce lockdown” and take actions against those who violate the order. 

The PM also took to his Twitter handle to urge states to ensure that the directives are followed by people. “Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the directives seriously. I request the state governments to ensure that the rules and laws are followed,” Modi tweeted in Hindi.

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