Digital evaluation of SEBA answer sheets lies in uncertainty


Digital evaluation of SEBA answer sheets lies in uncertainty

Saumya Mishra | July 10, 2018 13:54 hrs

GUWAHATI: The overall performance of digital evaluation of answer sheets is far better this year as compared to last year. 

Officials said that the digital evaluation process is bound to have problems when dealing with such a large bulk of answer scripts. 

“The digital marking model is more successful when there are fewer number of answer sheets to evaluate because with larger volumes, the chances of technical errors increase, for instance quality of scanning of papers,” informed Sarma. 
He added that it is possible that each time the quality of scanning of papers would not be maintained. Since each answer sheet has 16 to 20 pages, the quality is bound to suffer with lakhs of answer sheets to be scanned. This becomes a matter of concern, he said.

However, SEBA officials said that they are still not sure if the digital evaluations will be continued from next year onwards. 

“The entire project is also quite costly but up to this year the government was bearing the cost of the project. If the government officials are willing then we can continue but it will be difficult for us to carry it out with SEBA’s funds,” said a senior official at SEBA. 

Currently digital evaluation for only the mathematics paper of the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examinations was being conducted by SEBA. Officials said that one of the objectives of digital evaluation for all answer scripts was to prevent tampering or damage to the records.

Before the conduct of HSLC examinations, officials said that they would implement the digital evaluation from next year onwards if they receive a positive response from all stakeholders. 
They were also planning to further extend the process to other subjects and had thought of completely digitising the marking procedure. 

Authorities said that this would make the entire marking process less time consuming and error-free. In this regard, district-wise training was also provided to examiners by technical personnel in order to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. 

SEBA officials had set up computer labs where digital evaluation of mathematics paper was conducted. 

Further, 11 specialised evaluation zones were established for mathematics across the state, out of which two were in Guwahati.

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