Dilapidated Roads In Manipuri Basti Make Residents Suffer

Saturday, 29 February 2020


Dilapidated Roads In Manipuri Basti Make Residents Suffer

Saumya Mishra | September 07, 2019 15:19 hrs

GUWAHATI: Devi Singh Lane and KC Patowary Lane in Manipuri Basti area paint a sorry picture, making everyday life of residents difficult.
The dilapidated road condition of Devi Sigh Lane in Manipuri Basti area in the city is making life difficult for the residents. The 700-metre stretch of road has been lying in a shambles for the past several years, claim locals.

The road is located in the heart of the city at Manipuri Basti, right adjacent to the Solapara Road. 

The road remains uneven and large potholes have made matters worse for the residents who are facing trouble in commuting to their places of work, schools or colleges. There are close to 500 people who reside on the lane.  
“This road lies in a pathetic state. No emergency services like ambulance or fire tenders can enter the road due to its dilapidated condition. I am not even able to take out my car from the house,” said Mrinmoy Mukherjee, a resident of Devi Sigh Lane while talking to G Plus.   
He added that the road is unsafe for two-wheelers and even pedestrians to cross. Locals claim that the road was entirely dug up three years ago by the authorities to lay down water pipes. However, it was never properly constructed again, as a result of which it remains completely uneven, informed locals.  
Another resident of the area informed that the rain worsens the condition of the stretch as it fills up with mud and sludge and becomes flooded after even a short spell of rain. Locals told G Plus that several minor accidents of the residents have also taken place on the road.

Further, the lack of streetlights is also a major issue in the area. The residents also complained that Devi Sigh Lane only has one streetlight through the entire stretch of 700 metres. 

Mukherjee said that they have written to the Guwahati Municipal Commissioner repeatedly but no action has been taken till now. “We have sent letters to the GMC twice requesting them to take necessary measures but they have paid no heed.” 

The locals of the area have also approached the MLA and GDD minister Siddhartha Bhattacharya but could not get a favourable response.    

KC Patowary Lane presents a picture of neglect

Not far from the Manipuri Basti area, KC Patowary Lane in Manipuri Rajbari area in ward number 14-B of Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC), too presents a sorry picture.
The residents of the 500-metre stretch of road relate a similar story where the road was dug up but was not restored and constructed properly after the work was over.
“Nearly two years ago, the entire area of KC Patowary lane was broken down in order to replace the pipes for supply water passage. Since then, there hasn't been any initiative taken till date regarding the reconstruction of the road. They did a shabby work of placing a few tiles randomly which doesn’t serve any purpose,” Subhrajyoti Basak, student and resident of the area told G Plus.
He further added that several locals have fallen and injured themselves while trying to cross the road which lies in a terrible state. 

“My father was riding a two-wheeler and he fell and injured himself. Many other residents, too, have faced small accidents on the road. There have also been cases of pedestrians twisting their ankles while walking on the uneven road, it has almost become a routine for the locals here,” said Basak. 
Another resident, Pramod Talukdar said that even the cab drivers refuse to enter the lane, given the condition of the road.  

Driving on the road has also become a stressful affair for the residents of the area. “We don’t even have enough space for two cars to pass by simultaneously from both sides of the road,” said Talukdar.  

Further, a number of two-wheelers parked along the side of the road add to the issue. There are close to 500 residents currently residing there. 
“During a rainy day, the situation becomes much worse as these potholes become filled with mud and the entire area gets waterlogged, increasing the water level which then seeps into the houses of the nearby residents,” Basak informed G Plus. 
He said that he had also written to MLA and minister Siddhartha Bhattacharya almost a year ago, but did not receive any reply. 
On the other hand, the PWD officials blamed the company authorities which are carrying out the water supply project, for digging up the roads and not maintaining them properly afterwards. 
Diganta Goswami, executive engineer PWD said, “There is a lack of coordination between the authorities who have been given the responsibility to carry out water supply work in Guwahati. They are creating a chaos and without informing us, start digging the roads. We are looking into the matter.” 

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