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Saturday, 06 March 2021


Durga Puja 2020: Traffic Restrictions Imposed in Guwahati

G Plus News | October 20, 2020 19:10 hrs

The Guwahati Traffic Police has issued new guidelines to be followed for the movement of vehicles in the city during the four days of Durga Puja, starting 22nd October to 26th October.

Here are the detailed guidelines:


A. Goods carrying vehicles (heavy, medium and mini trucks) shall NOT be allowed to enter the city from 1:00 PM to 4.00 AM (1300 hours 0400 hours next day) from Jalukbari. Garchuk, Lokhara, Beltola, Hatigaon, Khanapara and Chandmari side. 

B. The goods carrying heavy trucks will be allowed to enter the city from 4:00 AM (0400 hours) onwards (subject to NO obstruction on the road due to puja) up to 07.00AM (0700 hours) only in the morning. 


i. Dispur PS area

a) Dr. RP Road will be one way only from Ganesh Mandir side, if required. 

b) No entry on Service road from Whole Sale market side to Ganeshguri, if required.

c) LMV’s coming from the Assam Secretariat may take Wholesale Market Road towards Ganesh mandir (one-way)

ii. Paltan bazar PS area

a) No entry on AK Azad Road from Nepali Mandir side towards Sarabbhati. Entry is open from Sarabbhati only. 

iii. Panbazar PS area:

a) No entry on MS Road from Taxi Stand point to Rly. Gate No. 4. Entry is open from Railway Gate No.4 side only.

b) No entry at Don Bosco Main Gate and Sani Mandir at G.N.B. Road, if required.

c) No entry on Jaswant Road from H.B. Road point towards C.K. Road, if required.

iv. Jalukbari PS area

a) No entry for heavy vehicles, including city buses, from Adabari Tiniali to Pandu. Only LMVs and two/three wheelers will be allowed to proceed towards Pandu from Adabari Tiniali side as one-way and the vehicles will come out via Maligaon Chariali.

b) No entry from Maligaon Chariali to Pandu. Entry is open from Adabari Tiniali only. 

c) No entry of vehicles on P.N.G.B. Road between Maligaon Chatiali and Kamakhya Railway Station level crossing. 

d) All vehicles from Kamakhya Railway Station and Gotanagar area shall be allowed to move through Railway Gate No.3 and Railway Headquarters.

v. Bharalumukh PS area

a)  No entry from Fatasil Chariali, Railway Gate No. 6,7, 8 and from SJ road towards Kumarpara Panchali, if required.

b) No Entry from Chabipool towards Bislinupur and Fatasil Chanali, if required. 

c) No Entry from RK Choudhury road to KRC road, if required.

d) Parking of vehicles shall not be allowed on A.T. Road (Athgaon flyover to Bharalumukh) and Dinesh Goswami Road (Between Bharalumukh to Shantipur). 

e) No entry of vehicles from Sarabhati One-way movement of vehicles from Fatasil Chanali to Chabipool, if required 

vi. Fatasil Ambari PS

Diversion at Barsapara Tiniali via Amban to Cycle Factor, if required 

vii. Basistha PS area

a) No entry on Beltola-Joyanagar Road from Joyanagar Chariali to Beltola Tiniali, if required.

b) Joyanagar-Beltola Tiniali Road shall be one way from Beltola Tiniali side, if required. 

c) Bhetapara Chariali-Beltola Tiniali Road will be one way from Beltola Tiniali side, if required 

d) No entry of vehicles from Bhetapara Chariali towards Behola Tiniali, if required. 

e) No entry on Dr. B.N. Saikia Road from Beltola Tiniali up to AG Office by-lane, if required 

f) AG Office by-lane will be one way from AG Office side. No vehicles will be allowed to enter from Beltola Joyanagar side, if required.

g) Parking of vehicles shall be allowed between Joyanagar and Kahanapara on beltola-Khanapara Road. 

viii. Chandmari PS / Geetanagar PS

a) No vehicles shall be allowed to enter from Anuradha Point to Hatigarh Chariali and vehicles will be allowed to enter from Hatigarh Chariali only, if required.


i) Basistha Mandir to Garpandu Bus Stand (R/No. 37- via Ganeshguri, Zoo Road, Chandmari, Rabindra Bhawan, Kachari, Maligaon) shall move via Basistha Chariali, Tripura Goli, Joyanagar, Sixmile, Express Highway, Narengi, MT Road (Zoo Narengi) towards destination. 

ii) Basistha Mandir to Garpandu (R/No 36 via Basistha Tiniali, Supermarket, Ganeshguri flyover, Paltanbazar, AT Road, Bharalumukh, Maligoan) shall move via Basistha Chariali, Tripura Goli, Joyanagar, Six mile, GS Road towards destination. 

iii) Garpandu Bus Stand to Lalganesh (R/No. 3- via Maligaon, Kachari, Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati Club, Chandman flyover, Zoo Road, Ganeshguri, Ganesh Mandir, Kahilipara. Lalganesh) shall move via Maligaon, Kachari, Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati Club, Chandmari flyover, Zoo Road, Ganeshguri, Supermarket, Last Gate, Ganesh mandir


i. Commercial passenger vehicles, particularly, having all Assam Tourist Permit coming from Lower Assam side will be terminated at Adabari bus terminus during the days of the puja. Similarly, vehicles coming from Upper Assam side will be allowed to come up to the ISBT.

ii. All other light passenger vehicles of above category plying within and outskirts of the City will be restricted and will be directed as per the traffic situation at particular time.

iii. Trekker or Tempo vehicles coming from Lokhara to Nepali Mandir will be terminated at Sarabbhati, from there these vehicles will go back to Lalganesh, Lokhara. 

iv. The ASTC undertaking bus coming from Lower Assam Side to Machkhowa will not be allowed to enter from Jalukbari and will be diverted to ISBT from 22nd Oct to 26th Oct, 2020. 


The restriction on the slow moving vehicles will be imposed from 2.00 PM (14.00 hours) onwards and will continue up to 2.00AM (02.00 hours) on the roads as follows: 

1) On GS Road - from Sixmile point to Paltanbazar P.S. point 

2) On RP Road - from Ganeshguri via Ganesh Mandir to Last Gate 

3) On Sixty Feet Road - from Supermarket to Last gate

4) On AT Road - from Paltanbazar point to Athgaon flyover 

5) On MG Road - from Planetarium point to Bharalumukh point

6) On DG Road - from Bharalumukh to Jalukbari round-about 

7) On MLN Road – from over bridge, North Point to Water Supply Point (MG Road)

8) On HB Road – from NB Hall to TR Phukan road crossin

9) On GNB Road - from RBI point to Chandmari traffic point. 

10) On AK Azad Road - from Nepali Mandir to Birubari Tiniali 

11) On Md. Shah Road - from Janata Hotel point to Godhuli Bazar point of Paltanbazar 

12) On MRD Road - from Chandmari flyover to Bamunimaidam

13) On RU Baruah Road - from Commerce College point to State Zoo 

14) On NS Road - from Bharalu point to Chabipool

15) On AK Deb Road - from Ambari Tiniali to Fatasil Tiniali

16) Rajgarh Road - from Commerce College point via link road Rajgarh Road up to Bharalu bridge (Bhangagarh) 

17) M.T. Road- From Zoo Road Tiniali to Hatigaon Chariali.

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