Foundation stone laid for Rs 1910 crore, three-tier cancer centre


Foundation stone laid for Rs 1910 crore, three-tier cancer centre

Saumya Mishra | June 18, 2018 18:21 hrs

GUWAHATI: BJP national president Amit Shah and chairman of Tata Trusts, Ratan Tata, on Monday laid the foundation stone of 19 cancer centres to be opened across the state.
Assam government will set up a non-profit foundation for cancer research and treatment in collaboration with Tata Trusts. It will be known as Assam Cancer Care Foundation. The foundation will provide three-tier cancer treatment in the state, informed authorities.

The foundation will be set up with a 50-50 partnership of government of Assam and Tata Trust. It will be set up with an initial capital of Rs 1910 crore in which Tata Trusts will provide Rs 830 crore and Assam government will give Rs 1080 crore grant.

Speaking during the ceremony held at Khanapara Veterinary playground on Monday, Amit Shah said, “The three-level cancer treatment in the state which will help in identification of cases to operation and post operative care is a commendable step taken by the state government.” 

He added that the three-tier system was designed very scientifically and minutely by experts. 

“Earlier around 30000 cancer patients from Assam had to go to Kolkata and Delhi for treatment every year. I'm sure that these 19 cancer centres will be a lifeline for cancer patients,” said Shah.

Officials informed that cancer treatment will be divided into three layers consisting of L1, L2 and L3 hospitals. L1 hospitals will be at the grassroots level and will have facilities of radiation, diagnosis and chemotherapy, while L2 hospitals will have facility to conduct surgeries apart from providing radiation. Further, the L1 hospitals will function as the apex body and will be the referral unit.
Shah also requested state health and family welfare minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal and Ratan Tata to jointly consider opening level 2 and level 3 hospitals in all states of the northeast which can be linked to level 1 hospitals.

Ratan Tata termed cancer as a “silent killer” and said that northeast has the highest incidences of cancer in India. 

“Our trust is committed to leading this effort of providing cancer treatment facilities and I greatly appreciate the vision of the state government and the centre,” he informed. 

In his speech during the occasion, chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal claimed that 240 MoUs were inked during Advantage Assam global investor’s summit and thanked Rata Tata for fulfilling his promise.

He added that Rs 79000 crores investment is expected to come in Assam because of Advantage Assam.
“Assam government is committed to providing quality treatment to cancer patients in the state,” said Sonowal. 
On the other hand the state health and family welfare minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the project will be completed within two years. 

“These 19 cancer care units will be in touch with all the major cancer units in the country and will provide all the facilities to all the cancer patients of the state,” said Sarma. 

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