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Sunday, 28 February 2021


GMC Supply Water Irregularity Hits Many Parts of Guwahati

Barasha Das | May 30, 2020 12:46 hrs

New pumps worth Rs 4.43 Cr break down in 2 months

Many parts of Guwahati have reportedly been deprived of regular water supply over the past couple of months. Concerned citizens along with former mayor Mrigen Sarania and former councillor of Guwahati, Balen Bharali raised allegations against Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) for negligence in work. 

Reportedly, when Guwahati faced a major water crisis around 2017-18, the then Guwahati Development Department  Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, had released a supplementary budget fund of Rs 9,07,00,000 for augmenting the three water treatment plants of the city viz Pan Bazar, Kamakhya and Satpukhuri.

Reportedly, 3 water pumps were bought from a Pune-based company and the contract for their supply was taken by a Guwahati-based supplier. This information was provided by former councillor Balen Bharali to G Plus.

The allegations

Bharali, speaking to G Plus said, “In the early part of the year 2017-18 Guwahati had faced a massive water scarcity crisis that hogged media headlines and garnered a lot of criticism. For this, Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had called a meeting of the entire council with the Mayor. Having heard us and our schemes he asked us to make a comprehensive estimate. He said he would release the funds on a supplementary demand. Thereafter, he released Rs 9,07,00,000 to the GMC. The tender was floated during our tenure. The fund was not only for these pumps but also for repairs of our 8 deep tube wells and other repair work.”

“There was some delay in getting the two pumps for Satpukhuri. These were supposed to be brought from Pune. The pumps were eventually supplied in December 2019 and they were installed between January and February 2020. The pumps broke down in March 2020 itself. We came to know about this from various media as also the local residents. Resultantly, areas like Latasil, Chandmari, Gandhi Basti to where Satpukhuri supplies the water suffered due to water shortage. The sad part is we spent Rs 4,43,00,000 to get the three water pumps and we installed them in our projects,” said ex-mayor Mrigen Sarania  to G Plus.

As per rules that are to be followed while procurement of any machinery, the engineers and experts are to visit the suppliers and check the purchases prior to delivery. Further, the delivery and installation of the machineries are to be done by the company engineers and experts. However, after just two to three months of installation, the pumps have stopped working due to technical issues.

Sarania alleged, “The thing is our engineers went to Pune and examined the machines before they were brought here and the installation was also done by the company who sold the pumps. Now machines can give problems but since it happened back in March itself, the company could have sent its personnel to repair the pumps before the lockdown. After all, it was emergency service. Our engineers have also been negligent. That is why the machines broke down. Now, how does a brand new machine stop working? The public is also raising questions. So I have asked the GMC commissioner for a proper investigation into the matter. And whoever the supplier was who had taken the contract should be hauled up.”

Reportedly, the existing pump sets at Nabagraha, Chandmari Housing Colony and Satpukhuri water treatment plants are currently broken. “It is unfortunate. It was promised in the council meeting and general house that we would get regular water supply after these machineries were installed. This has not happened. Ward no 11 and 12 get water from Satpukhuri; there are a huge number of consumers here. Now we get water every 2-3 days. Nothing is regularized. Despite these machines, there is no proper timing of when the water will be supplied. Water may come at 1 pm someday, 6 am the other day, 5 pm on another. This has restricted the movement of the people in a household as one member has to stay back just to receive and hoard the water on the day it is supplied,” said Balen Bharali.

“Also, the two tanks of our Housing Colony have their covers broken since a long time resulting in monkeys, birds, snakes and frogs entering the tank. This was flashed over media as well. While the concerned people came to inspect the damage, nothing has been done so far. The covers need immediate repairs,” Bharali added.

GMC’s clarification and response

When G Plus reached out to GMC Commissioner, Devajyoti Hazarika, a clarification letter prepared for the media as a response to the allegations levelled was provided. The same read as, “The claim that people of Chandmari Colony, Chandmari, Sakuntala Phukuri, Nizorapar, Bapuji Nagar, Silphukri, Rudranagar, Amiya Nagar, Milanpur, Kornachal, Noonmati, Kharguli, Jyotinagar, Gandhibasti, Sarania, Paltanbazar, etc are not getting regular water supply is false. The son of the mechanic who is responsible for the maintenance of the pumps at Satpukhuri Water Treatment Plant has tested COVID-19 positive. As such, he is not being able to attend to his regular duty. Other mechanics have refused to do his work. Further, the shops from where the mechanics buy the required parts are also closed due to the lockdown and it has been difficult to procure the same.

“GMC has installed a few new pumps at the three water treatment plants of Guwahati - Pan Bazar, Kamakhya and Satpukhuri last year. Of these, the two new pumps at Satpukhuri have stopped working due to technical issues, so water supply was interrupted. However, water is being provided with substitute pumps. The supplier has been asked to repair the new pumps. The claim that the pumps are of sub-standard quality is false.

“As per rules, E-Tendering was done to get the best quality pumps.GMC water supply staff is working day and night during the lockdown. Currently repairing is being done by some other mechanics and water supply is restored.”

Water treatment and supply scheme of Guwahati

There are three water treatment plants in Guwahati that cater to about 3 lakh consumers in different parts of the city. The commissioning year of the treatment plants with their capacity.

Position of present water supply under GMC (Plant-wise)

Plant Location                

Installed Capacity (million litres daily –MLD)

Year of Commissioning

Present output from the plant


45 .00 MLD


25.00 MLD


22.50 MLd

Original plant in 1930, renovated in 1984 (Supply network 1930)

15.00 MLD


4.50 MLD


3.50 MLD

Deep Tube Wells (8 functioning)

2.00 MLD

At different time since 1981

1.50 MLD




45.00 MLD


Chart showing areas where water is supplied to from GMC’s 3 treatment plants and 8 deep-tube wells


  1. Under D.C. Reservoir –  Pan Bazar, Fancy Bazar, Machkhowa, Bharalumukh, Paltan Bazar (part), Chatribari, Athgoan, Goshala, Serabbati, Rehabari (part)
  2. Sarania Reservoir – Lachit Nagar, Pub Sarania, Dakhin Sarania, Gandhi Basti, Ulubari, Rehabari (part), Kachari Basti, Solapara, Serabbhati


  1. Housing Hill Reservoir – Kharghuli (part), Housing Colony, Krishna Nagar, Nizarapar, Karnachal, Nabagiri, Pensionpara, Govt. Press area
  2. Nabagraha Hill Reservoir – Nabagraha area, Kharghuli (part), Udaigiri
  3. Chitrachal Reservoir – Chitrachal, Happy Villa, Chenikuthi Hill side, Nabagraha Path
  4. Krishnachal Reservoir – Kharghuli Malibagan, Arikati Basti, Jahajghat area
  5. Octagonal & Belleview Reservoir – Chatrakar, Uzanbazar, Gauhati Club area, Latasil, Ambari, Silpukhuri, Barowari, Chenikuthi, Hedayatpur, Bamunimaidam area, Chandmari, Rajgarh (part)


  1. Bhubaneshwari Reservoir – Kamakhya Township, Kamakhya Temple, Kamakhya Foothill and adjoining areas
  2. Lalita Nagar Reservoir – Lalita Nagar, Ganesh Mandir area, Kamakhya Gate, Old Pad-Path and adjoining areas
  3. Kalipur Reservoir – Kalipur area, Chakreswar, AT Road (north-side), Boothnath
  4. Kamakhya Colony – Kamakhya Colony Pandu, Pandu Road, AT Road, Maligoan (north side)


  1. TR Phookan Park – Kumarpara, GS Colony, Bharalu East (Part)
  2. Horizon Colony – Horizon Colonies, Ambari, Bishnupur (Part)
  3. Rangpathar – Rangpathar area, Fatasil Ambari Areas.
  4. Santipur – Santipur Hill Area, Durgasarobar areas
  5. Kalapahar -Kalapahar (Part), Lalganesh (Part), Cycle Factory area (Part), Shankarpur Boosting for Shankarpur area
  6. New Field – Rehabari (Part), Bilpar area
  7. Lalganesh – Barsapara, Udalbakra (Part), Lalganesh
  8. Lalganesh Banikpara – Banikpara and adjoining area (not functioning)
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