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Guwahati Duo Develops App for the Experience of a ‘Home Away From Home’

G Plus News | July 13, 2020 16:12 hrs

Moving into a new city comes with its own set of hardships, and finding the right place to call ‘home’ can be a daunting task. With a huge amount of brokerage, deposits, denials, and untimely eviction, finding a PG or a place on rent becomes a challenging job.

To solve this predicament of people who are often on the move, or for those who have just moved into a city, this duo from the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Guwahati, has come up with the app – Allay. 

Allay is an online place where one can book a house on rent and find a PG. The masterminds behind this platform, Madhurjya Bora and Gitartha Kashyap began with a vision to create employment opportunities for the common man and make magic out of the tool called technology through their startup – Vision Magitech.

Allay, unlike any other application, helps users choose from numerous options listed on the app from the comfort of their homes. One can browse through and check photos of listed properties without personally approaching each and every property owner.

Narrating the reason behind why they came up with such an app, Gitartha Kashyap, Founder and Director of Vision Magitech said, “One of my cousins had shifted into Guwahati for her higher education. Through her experience, I learned about the problems that people face while looking for a place to stay. She had to travel with a stranger (a broker) from one place to another trying to find a suitable place to stay, despite which she would often have to pay more than what she wanted to and still end up being unsatisfied.” 

“After thorough brainstorming, both Madhurjya and I came up with this concept of ‘Allay’ which is a first-of-its-kind here in the region. We hope this will help reduce the difficulties that people have to face in new towns and cities that they move into,” added Gitartha.

On the inception of their start-up, Gitartha said, “I have seen young talents lose hope on ideas only due to the non-availability of a proper place where they can hone their skills and make their dreams come true. For this, we have linked entrepreneurship with technology and started Vision Magitech.”

“Our aim as individuals has always been to enhance job opportunities and provided a platform to individuals who are really keen on doing something which would prove to be a boon to the society,” mentioned Madhurjya Bora, Co-founder and Managing Director of Vision Magitech.

Their start-up Vision Magitech, a Guwahati-based enterprise, provides a platform to young inventors who use their innovative ideas to make products for a futuristic society. Vision Magitech also organizes workshops and provides training to students from the school to higher education level and helps them get acquainted with the practical application of theories taught as part of the academic curriculum.

Vision Magitech’s first native product Allay is now live for users to download and use on their smartphones. 

Allay lets tenants search for suitable homes to reside in without having to worry about brokerage or any registration fee. In addition to this, users of the app can also earn referral points; once users cross threshold points, they can avail discounts and cashback on the rental of property. Points can also be collected each time payment of rent is made through the app. Their journey has just begun and they still have miles to go.

Allay is now available on the Google Play Store to give Android users of the Northeast Region an experience of ‘Home away from Home’. Download The App Here - Allay

To know more about Allay check out this video:

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