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Saturday, 05 December 2020


Guwahati: Mega Infrastructure Development at Maligaon to Ease Commuting Hazards

Barasha Das | October 25, 2020 01:32 hrs

Demolition of recent constructions made with taxpayers’ money hints at lack of proper planning

With the inauguration of the extended wing of the Ganeshguri flyover, Guwahatians can now look forward to two more mega infrastructure development projects in Guwahati in the coming years. The completion of the Ganeshguri flyover five months ahead of its scheduled completion date of March 2021 has led Guwahatian’s to expect such ‘miracles’ in the future.

Of the upcoming megastructures currently under construction, the Maligaon flyover with an extended wing towards Pandu, the foundation stone of which was laid on 11th October last and the alternative route to Kamakhya temple that is being promised as a picturesque drive for tourists and locals alike by PWD minister Himanata Biswa Sarma, are the most anticipated. 

G Plus brings to you the details of these two mega structures that would, when complete, bring respite to the busy city’s burgeoning traffic.

1. The Maligaon Flyover

Name: Flyover on AT Road from Maligaon to Kamakhya with extended arm to Pandu under SOPD (State-Owned Priority Development)(G) for 2020-21.

Cost: Rs. 420.75 crores

Total length: 2.992 kms

Scheduled time of completion: 30 months (March 2023)

Name of contractor: Shree Gautam Construction Company Ltd and Anupam Nirman Pvt Ltd (JV)

Technical data of the main flyover:

• Bridge length is 1,960 metres and approach road is 389 metres; total length equals 2,349 metres.

• 4-lane road, width 16.50 metres

• The bridge is a steel composite structure

• Span: 35 x 53  metres + 1 x 90 metres + 1 x 15 metres = 37 numbers.

Extended arm to Pandu Ghat feeder road

• Bridge length is 455 metres and the approach road is 188 metres, total length equals 643 metres.

• Intermediate lane (5.50 metres width) 

• The bridge is a steel composite structure

• Span: 13 x 35 metres = 13 numbers

Objective: To ensure enhanced safety and level of service for the road users, enhanced operational efficiency of the existing road, and minimal adverse impact on the local population and road users due to elevated four-lane structure construction.

The construction of the flyover is to be undertaken by the PWD (Roads) department after Durga Puja. It will be the longest in Assam upon completion.

Upon its construction, the present road to Kamakhya temple from the foothills will be available for traffic commuting from the Bharalumukh side. The traffic from the airport side will have to take the flyover to Pandu and reach the temple by taking the new route.

2. Kamakhya Road

Name: Construction of alternate road to Kamakhya Temple 

Location: Aruna Cinema hall of Pandu to Naherbari and Bongshi Bagan under SOPD-G for the year 2019-20.            

Total Length of the road: 4.146 kms

Date of commencement: 27th January, 2020.

Stipulated date of completion: 26th January 2021


Administrative approval amount: Rs. 1,14,25,00,000

Compensation for Land, building and zirat: Rs. 60,88,41,001

Tender amount for work: Rs. 53,36,58,999


• RCC retaining wall and stone masonry breast wall                

• RCC drain cum footpath                                 

• Solid footpath including shed 

• Footpath width ranging from 1.5 metres at Aruna Cinema hall end, to be extended upto 2.5 metres at hilltop wherever feasible                    

• 3 resting sheds with viewpoint, gate and information centre.    

• Roadside car parking.    

Sources in the PWD have informed that presently construction work has been put on hold due to non-acquirement of land from the Railways as well as some private property as payments have not been cleared by the Centre. As such the scheduled time of completion might have to be extended. 

Sadly, the Maligaon foot over-bridge, probably the most extensively used foot over-bridge in Guwahati, will have to be demolished to make way for the 4 lane bridge. Notably, the over-bridge was renovated just two years ago, in 2018, with the addition of two lifts at both ends of the footbridge for the convenience of senior citizens and the physically challenged of the city.

A Mumbai based firm Signpost India Pvt. Ltd.was awarded the work to design, build, finance, operate, and transfer (DBFOT) and maintain for a period of 20 years with advertising rights and 20 percent profit-sharing with the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA).                       

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