Guwahati Streets Offer Sumptuous Local Cuisine all-day Breakfast Options

Friday, 27 November 2020


Guwahati Streets Offer Sumptuous Local Cuisine all-day Breakfast Options

Gunjan Sharma | November 09, 2019 17:00 hrs

What is your favourite meal of the day? Majority of people look for a good breakfast to start their day. 

Breakfast being the most important meal provides the brain and body with some energy after an overnight fast. 

But due to our busy morning schedule it becomes very difficult to have breakfast sometimes, and we often tend to skip it. With the growing food delivery services one can always order breakfast and get it delivered to their workplace in no time. Not just that, to cater the demands of people some restaurants/cafes in town also open up early in the morning to provide the city with breakfast options, while some keep an all-day breakfast option open. 
However, the joy of eating breakfast from the streets of Guwahati is definitely unmatched. Having said that here are some of the must try all day breakfast options from the streets of Guwahati which you can gobble down while you rush to work or college.

Rice is the staple food of north-eastern region and is loved by all. In fact some people love rice to a point that they can eat it for every meal of the day. 

Rice is also eaten for breakfast in various parts of Assam in the form of Pitha. Pitha, which is majorly a sweet dish, is made with rice flour and can be of various types that include Tekeli / Keetli Pitha, Khola Sapori Pitha, Ghila Pitha, Sunga Pitha, Til (sesame) Pitha and Narikol (coconut) Pitha to name a few. Some types of pitha have turned out to be breakfast options for many. Not just at home one can also find pitha in the streets of Guwahati. 

Tekeli / Keetli Pitha, is a type of pitha which is made by steaming rice flour in a kettle lid along with some jaggery or sugar according to taste. Some people even add salt and coconut to enhance the flavour.  
Guwahati Breakfast
It is mainly enjoyed during the winter season or during Bihu but it is available throughout the year as a breakfast option in various parts of the city. A cup of steaming hot lal / red or milk tea along with freshly steamed Tekeli Pitha is a is a match made in heaven which is also a very popular breakfast option in the city. 

Khola Sapori Pitha can be termed as the Assamese version of pancakes. Rice flour mixed with sugar and water/milk is cooked on a flat pan like a pancake. Some people also make a savoury version of this pitha. Khola Sapori Pitha can be found in some parts of the city and it is quite popular among the locals as a breakfast option.   

Apart from Tekeli / Keetli Pitha and Khola Sapori Pitha, Ghila Pitha is also available on the streets of Guwahati. Ghila Pitha is a sweet rice pakora which is fried in oil. It is generally enjoyed with a cup of tea and works both as a quick morning or evening snack. 

Apart from various forms of pitha you will find many roadside stalls or food carts that sell Luchi Ghugni or Ruti / Roti (Chappathi) Sabji. 

Luchi Ghugni or Ruti Sabji is one the major most selling all-day breakfast options available in Guwahati. You can find one stall or cart in every nook and corner of the street that sells either Luchi / Puri with Ghugni or Ruti with some vegetable gravy. Though both Luchi Ghugni or Ruti Sabji is traditionally not from Assam, yet they are quite popular among the locals. The ghugni which is believed to have originated from Bengal has been wholeheartedly accepted by Guwahatians and is enjoyed with hot maida luchi (a deep-fried flatbread), onion and chillies.

Many students and office goers start their day with street style Luchi / Puri and Ghugni or Ruti / Paratha with any vegetable gravy along with a cup of tea. It not only fills your stomach but also satisfies your taste buds. 

To keep it simple but make it a breakfast full of protein one can enjoy simple boiled eggs with salt and spices. Some carts also sell omelettes with parathas while some are limited to boiled eggs. 

Goja and Chaa (Tea) is another popular quick breakfast / snack / anytime food option. The sweet Goja with a cup of strong tea is another match made in heaven and if you want to enjoy some savoury flavours you can always add in some allu sighras. The trio is quite famous among the locals and is savoured with joy.   

Have you tried these local breakfast options from the streets of Guwahati? If not, go and try them now and if you have you can always eat more! 

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