Guwahati witnesses increase in Crime Rate in 2018

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


Guwahati witnesses increase in Crime Rate in 2018

Nehal Jain | January 05, 2019 16:10 hrs

Guwahati, in 2018, witnessed an increase in the number of cases registered pertaining to various crimes. The city police registered a total of 16892 cases from January 1 - November 30 in the past year, an increase by close to 1000 reported crimes compared to the previous year. Once known to be a hotbed of militancy, Assam today has less to fear from insurgents and more from criminals of all hues, shapes and sizes. The state has seen a drastic rise in crimes over the years, especially in the capital city. 

According to the data provided by the police commissionerate, as many as 13,757 cases were registered by the city police in the year 2016. The numbers increased drastically in 2017, which witnessed the registration of 16038 cases. While the data for the month of December is yet to be calculated, the numbers have already exceeded previous years’ mark.

The crimes registered in 2018 largely include theft, burglary and robbery, followed by crimes against women. The most widely reported crimes over the years have continued to be theft and burglary. This year, a total of 3807 cases of theft and 957 cases of burglary were reported to the police  until November 31. 

The total number of crime against women has also seen a consistent increase over the years. This year saw an increase in the number of cases of cruelty by husband and relatives as compared to the last two years. A total of 710 cases were registered under section 498A until November 2018 while 684 and 505 cases were registered in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

Cases against domestic violence or cruelty by husband and relatives were followed by cases of kidnapping and abduction of women/girls under which as many as 498 cases have been registered. However, officials in the Crime Branch revealed that some cases under these two categories also turned out to be false cases. 

“As the city is witnessing an increase in the number of crimes against women, I will sit with the officials and do an analysis of the present situation. Based on that, we’ll plan how to deal with the problems and definitely give more importance to the investigation of these cases,” Deepak Kumar, the newly appointed commissioner of police, told G Plus.

Additionally, a total of 61 cases of rape and six cases of dowry deaths were also reported in 2018. The fact that the numbers have taken a dip from the previous years, however, provides an encouraging picture.
On the contrary, the city police witnessed an increase in the cases of murder and attempt to murder being registered with a whopping 91 cases of murder and 50 cases of attempt to murder coming to light. It may be noted that Jalukbari police station registered maximum cases of murder (12), followed by Sonapur police station (9). Further, Azara received complaints of maximum cases of attempt to murder (14 cases).

Dispur police station continues to register maximum cases

Among the 19 police stations that fall in the purview of the Guwahati police commissionerate, Dispur police station continues to witness registration of the highest number of cases. From January 1 - November 30, a total of 3638 were registered solely at Dispur police station which makes for nearly 22% of the total cases registered in the city.
Among the total cases, Dispur police station registered the maximum number of theft cases in the entire city (784 cases). Additionally, it registered maximum number of crimes against women with a total of 10 cases of rape, 139 cases of torture and 45 cases of women/girl kidnapping.

Dispur police station was followed by Jalukbari, Basistha, Paltan Bazaar and Chandmari police stations that witnessed the registration of 1647, 1608, 1210 and 1116 crimes respectively.

On the contrary, the all women police station (AWPS) continued to register the lowest number of cases at 127 this year. AWPS was followed by Bhangagarh, Pragjyotishpur, Khetri and Latasil police station with 236, 238, 282 and 286 cases being registered respectively. 

Speaking to G Plus, Mousumi Kalita said that there are a lot of limitations in the jurisdiction of the WPS. “The cases registered here do not give a complete picture. We can only register women related cases – cases that can also be registered at other police stations too. Further, cases of extortion for money cannot be registered here,” she informed. 

Less than 50% cases disposed by city police

While the city police saw registration of over 16892 cases in 2018, it was able to dispose off merely 8138 cases until October 2018, which makes for merely 48.17% of the cases. However, it is to be mentioned that a large number of cases among these 8138 had been registered in the previous years. 

Out of the total, 7858 cases were cognizable and 280 non-cognizable (including three cases under arms act, two under explosives act and one under NDPS act). Among the cognizable crimes, most disposed off cases were those of theft (2558), followed by burglary (679) and cheating (376).

Further, the police disposed off 18 cases of murder and 14 cases of rape.

According to the data provided by the police commissionerate, the police was also able to file charge sheet for 2923 cases as compared to 3586 in the year 2017. 

Khetri police station worst performer, disposes merely 19% cases

The city police was able to dispose off approximately 48% of the total cases received, with some police stations performing better than others. Khetri police station, however, proved to be the worst performer disposing merely 19.14% of the cases, until October 31.
Khetri police station, which had received a total of over 282 cases, disposed off only 54 cases and filed charge sheet for another 145 cases.
Joining Khetri police station in the list of worst performing police stations, not much behind, was Paltan Bazaar police station having disposed off 27.35% of the total cases registered. While the police station had received an enormous number of complaints, with a total of 836 crimes getting registered, it was able to dispose off 331 cases and file charge sheet for 87 cases only. 

On the contrary, Satgaon police station emerged the best performer, disposing 74% of the total cases, that is 223 cases out of 301. Not much behind was Fatasil police station, having disposed 69% cases, that is 349 out of 504 cases. 
Overall, the city police performed worse than it did in the previous year when it disposed 10003 cases and filed charge sheet for 3586 cases, out of 16038 registered. 

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